Aligners- Remote Consultation story





Jerry had been wanting to fix his teeth for a while but knew braces would be difficult to manage with his crazy work schedule. Six months out of the year, Jerry lived out-of-state for his job.

He had been putting off treatment for a while but decided he would come to see us anyway and see what options were actually available to someone with his schedule.

With Clear Aligners, Jerry was able to check in remotely every couple of months to make sure things were on track.  He was still able to finish his treatment while being gone for half of the year.

Brent was able to get a fantastic smile all while living thousands of miles away from our practice! Because we have a very low Invisalign braces cost in India

For Jerry, braces wouldn’t have worked.

Invisalign Aligners made it possible to fix his bite without interrupting his work schedule. 

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