All About The Disability Compensation With VA


The disability compensation with VA is an after-discharge benefit for veterans who got a service-related disablement. Veterans who suffered from any disability due to their military service and got an honorable discharge from the military are eligible for the VA disability benefits monthly tax-free compensation. To help you easily avail this well-deserved benefit,  K&D Veterans Medical Assessment is here to guide you.

With KDVMA you don’t have to worry about rejected compensation claim applications or long years of appeal. KDVMA makes this task hassle-free for veterans and helps you get the disability compensation that you deserve.

What Is The VA Disability Compensation

The VA disability compensation is a tax-free benefit for veterans who have disabilities due to their service in the military. This payment is made to compensate veterans for loss of working time and income due to their illness or injuries.

This payment is made according to how severe your disability/injury is. So if you have a knee injury your payment will be lower than the veteran who lost his leg on his active duty.

The veterans are put into priority groups. These groups determine what type of care the veterans will receive from the VA. The additional benefits that VA provides to disabled veterans include housing and insurance benefits.

How To Apply For The VA Disability Compensation

To apply for disability compensation with VA you have to first go to the official VA site and submit your claim there. To get easy acceptance, you should add as many supporting documents as possible. You also are advised to add VA copies of medical evidence showing that you suffered from disability due to your military service. Other important documents that you have to submit with your claim are as follows;

  1. Your discharge paperwork
  2. Medical reports and evidence supporting your claim.
  3. Proof that you got injured leading to disability while you were in active service in the military.

What Is The Special VA Disability Compensation?

The special disability compensation is for honorable discharge veterans who got severely injured. It is those who suffered from the loss of certain organs or suffered from other extreme disabilities or injuries. The special VA disability compensation is additionally paid other than the regular VA disability compensation.

VA Disability Travel Reimbursement.

VA disability travel reimbursement is for those veterans who have to travel for their medical appointments. The travel reimbursements include reimbursements for public transportation or mileage. It can be paid if you meet any of the following requirements;

  1. Service-related veterans with a 30%+ disability rate.
  2. Certain low-income veterans
  3. Veterans who have to travel for treatment of a service-connected condition
  4. Veterans who have to travel for scheduled compensation or pension exams
  5. Veterans who receive the VA pension.

Note: The mileage reimbursement is 41.5 cents per mile.

How KDVMA Helps You In This Case

It often happens that the claims for disability compensation with VA of veterans are rejected by VA. They give reasoning’s like “not enough evidence” “no supported documents”, etc. This is very unfair in most cases. So to help you avoid all this hassle and help you get all the VA disability benefits that you deserve, KDVMA is there to help.

With KDVMA, you can easily trust the experts to handle your claim application and get it accepted as quickly as possible. So contact KDVMA today for a hassle free and quick acceptance of your compensation claim.