All Of Us Are Dead Korean Zombie Series Review: A Moving Zombie Drama High On Heart & Emotions

All of Us are Dead does not attempt to create a new wheel. The mysterious teacher at the school is experimenting with the rat who bites on one student. it is then begins to spread throughout the school, and later throughout the city. The children in the series aren’t unaware of what’s going on. There is a sense of surveillance of zombies, and even discuss the amazing Train for Busan. The best part of the series is that it concentrates on the interactions between the many characters that has been observed throughout the series, from Dawn of the Dead to The Walking Dead.

The fast-moving zombies cause destruction in the school, and the dread and fear brought upon the students pulls certain characters together, and some apart. Cheong-san’s relationship with On-ra, two friends for a long time who share secret love for each other , is the heart of the drama. We witness how much they love one another as they battle through the outbreak and help each other during the worst of moments. The adults aren’t forgotten. Cheong-San’s mom fights an uphill battle to make it from her place of work to schools and to save her child, as the military debates drastic measures to contain the spread.