All steps to login UAN portal & Check PF balance


UAN, or unique account number, is the phrase. Every employee member of the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) receives it. This was implemented to do away with managing several Provident Fund (PF) Accounts that a single person owned with many companies. This 12-digit Unique Account Number is given to the employee so they may track all their PF Account information from different organisations in one spot.

Employees used to experience issues with their PF numbers changing anytime they moved jobs. Additionally, tracking and comprehending the account balances were challenging when there were many PF numbers. UAN number was implemented to assist the employees. What exactly is the UAN number, then? Employees have access to this one specific number where they can manage all of their PF numbers.

The EPFO created the UAN login portal as an online tool to make it easier for employees to access their UAN Accounts. They may get information about all of the PF Accounts they created while working with various organisations in one location.


What are the steps to use the UAN login Portal?

It is crucial to comprehend the UAN portal once you have a basic understanding of the UAN number. The EPFO’s UAN login site is accessible to employees who are EPFO members in the following ways-

  • STEP 1- Register on the UAN login portal by Visiting the website of the EPFO e-Sewa portal and then selecting the “Activate UAN” link under the Important Link Tab. 
  • STEP 2 -Now, fill out the blanks with the necessary information, and when you click “Get Authentication Pin,” a pin will be given to the provided registered cellphone number.
  • STEP 3- A computerised Password will then be issued through SMS when you enter the pin so received in the respective field.
  • STEP 4- After the initial login, change the password. And your UAN account is activated in just four easy steps.


What is Umang UAN activation?

To make e-governance “mobile first,” UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) is planned. It is created by the National e-Governance Division and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) (NeGD). There are two ways to activate UAN: the Umang UAN activation and the EPFO website UAN activation. You must investigate both options.

You may take a few easy steps to activate the EPFO UAN through Umang App-

  • download and install the Umang application.
  • Click on the EPFO option in the all-service option.
  • Under the EPFO services, you will find The UAN Activation option.
  • You must select the UAN option under the Category option.
  • After that, input the UAN that has to be activated.
  • Enter your full name and birthdate in the following fields.
  • In the following sections, provide your mobile number and email address.
  • Touch the Get OTP button at the bottom of the screen after that.
  • Accept the Declaration box, and then tap the Submit button on your mobile device to complete the process.

You have successfully completed your Umang UAN activation, and you will see the message “Your UAN is Activated.” You may thus use the UAN and Password to log in to the UAN and manage your EPFO account.


Final Steps: How to download your e-Passbook?

The user must be registered to get an e-Passbook. You can utilise the above process even if you are not a registered user. You must go to the UAN Portal and log in to your account to obtain an e-Passbook. 

Following three business days of registration on the portal, the e-passbook can be downloaded. Ensure to keep all the above mentioned points in mind while logging into the portal without any error.