All You Need to Know About SSL Certificates

Managing a business in the online space comes with its own set of perks and pitfalls. The greatest perk is that it boosts your reach to the global target audience. The greatest pitfall is that your competitors or enemies can backstab you by undermining the security of your website and hacking your consumer data. You can evade this attack if your website has an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is a digital certificate that ensures an encrypted link between the web server and website browser. In other words, the SSL certificate ensures a confidential contact between a user and the website. If the users enter their personal details like credit card number and address on the website, only the website owner will be able to access it, and no third party will be able to misuse it if the website has an SSL certificate.

Why Do You Need SSL Certificates?

Too much is going on in the online world. Fake websites are impersonating successful businesses, hackers are stealing user data from unprotected websites, and identity theft has become too common. This has made the user conscious of not sharing their personal information that can be used against them. Having an SSL certificate will help you win the trust of users and carry out online dealings that require access to personal details.

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Get into the details of this article to explore and learn all you need to know about SSL certificates, and make sure to get one to build the trust of your user traffic.

Top 5 Types of SSL Certificates You Can Opt From

SSL certificate is not like a simple thing available in the market that you will go, buy, and boom, everything is resolved. You have to be careful while opting for an SSL certificate so that it ensures the security of your website and a smooth connection with the target audience. Therefore, knowing about its types is extremely critical to reaching a sound and reliable decision.

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Here are some of the major types of SSL certificates you can opt from to boost the security of your website.

1.    Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)

The first and most expensive type of SSL certificate is the extended validation certificate (EV SSL). This type of SSL certificate is the highest-ranking one and is used for high-profile websites that get online payments or receive other user data. EV SSL displays a padlock, HTTPS, name, and country of the business in the address bar, which helps the users be sure of its validity.

2.    Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL)

The second common type of SSL certificate is the Organization Validated Certificate (OV SSL). This type of SSL certificate is also quite high ranking one but a little bit less expensive than EV SSL. OV SSL certificate is for the organizational websites that intend to establish their identity. They have to pass a specific identification process to get the certificate which displays their basic details in the web address.

3.    Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

The next type of SSL certificate you can consider for your website is Domain Validated Certificate (DV SSL). This type of SSL certificate is for blogs and informational websites that do not require access to the confidential information of the users. Due to this, the validation and assurance process of this certificate is also quite easy and simple.

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4.    Wildcard SSL Certificates

Another critical SSL certificate that you can consider opting for your website is the Wildcard SSL Certificate. This type of SSL is for websites that have main and multiple subdomains. Buying a single SSL certificate for the individual website can be a poor choice. Wildcard SSL certificate ensures a common part of the main domain is shared in the subdomains, which boosts the trust of users.

5.    Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (MDC)

The last type of SSL certificate you should be aware of is the Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC). This type of SSL is used to secure many main and sub-domains. It can include the combination of unique domains with top-level domains; however, your subdomains will not be supported by default. You can consult website hosting Dubai based service providers to get detailed information and the SSL certificate that meets your needs and requirements.

Reluctant to make a choice?

Well, it can happen if you are new to the world of website owning and have not caught up with the basics. However, beware of the fact that you can also make grave mistakes at this stage which will cause loss to your website. Instead of opting for something for the sake of finalizing your choice, contact the professional SSL service providers. Discuss your needs and demands with them in detail. Make sure to utilize their skill and expertise to reach a decision that pays you back.