A food allergy is a change in the body’s defense system against several animals in the diet. The surface of the gastric mucosa is the largest surface on which external antigens (representatives of the immune response) can touch the human body. The uniformity of the general and neighborhood protection system allows the antigens completely present on the mucosal layer not to trigger defensive reactions. 


Most antigens do not react (this is the so-called immune tolerance phenomenon), however, some people react to the allergic reaction. Feedbacks are activated by the digestion of food in the digestive tract in the bloodstream. 

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When it comes to allergic individuals, far more irritants enter the circulation throughout food digestion, and the compounds injected in this way cause much more extreme immune actions. 

Signs: vomiting, flatulence, dripping nose, sneezing, watery stools, bloating, growth of the digestive tract, abdominal pain, eczemic lesions, asthmatic cough, anaphylactic shock The occurrence as well as the causes of allergic reactions to food There are only prices for the regularity of food allergies, since there are often no sensitive experiences Alpenkraft shower head evaluation mechanisms behind the symptoms. It turns out that only a third  

of the symptoms is based on a real allergy, and moreover, these are paraallergic reactions. For example, a component of the sensitivity level of cow’s milk (suspected lactose intolerance) is triggered by a non-allergic reaction, but by the lactase enzyme responsible for the lactose decay of milk lactose. Food allergies are far more common in both infants and children than in adults. In children, the incidence is approx. 

In the range of 0.3 to 7.5%. Just like with various other sensitive diseases, the rate of heredity of allergic reactions to food is very high. If both parents are allergic to about 70%, one of the parents is sick, 30% of the probability test alpenkraft 

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  that the coming child is allergic (polygenic inheritance, the transformation of which requires numerous genes). The risk of occurrence is further exacerbated by the early age (age 6 months) of young age, inflammatory food poisoning, as well as the diet of care. Likewise, hate food is more likely to occur when food is eaten in forum Alpenkraft shower head review in large quantities that are typically consumed. Therefore, rice sensitivities are common in Japan or fish allergies in Scandinavian countries. 

Signs of food allergies In the case of food allergies, immunological reactions according to I, III and IV are to be expect. Type I is define by symptoms that occur within 8 to 12 hours after eating, but at the latest. For child III, the answer is approximately app. 4-6 hours, while IV has to deal with 24-48 hours later. The symptoms of a food allergy can be an extremely large range. The classic disorder includes the appearance of the gastric system. 

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Along with the symptoms of the stomach system,  test alpenkraft  


skin signs are highlight due to their early and amazing appearance due to hives (tiny itchy outbreak) or eczema-like lesions (completely dry, itchy, burning, red skin) test Alpenkraft shower head Germany. 


In addition to timeless signs and symptoms, there may also be signs of the respiratory tract. Which can be dripping nose, sneezing, and asthma-like coughing.