Angela Brown- The Founder of Savvy Cleaner Training


When working in people’s homes as a house cleaner or maid it’s important to be trained and certified in chemical safety and personal protective equipment. Training can prevent accidental damage to a customer’s expensive appliances, countertops or flooring.

Angela Brown, the founder of Savvy Cleaner Training says “simple things like knowing how to clean your caddy, vacuums and mops between homes will help prevent cross-contamination, and set you apart from your competition as a true professional.” Being trained allows a cleaning technician to get better jobs and if they work for themselves, will be able to charge more money as a trained cleaning professional.

A trained savvy cleaner knows which cleaning products are most effective for the type of soil they are removing. They know which techniques will make a job go faster by cleaning it the proper way the first time, and not waste steps by backtracking or by re-cleaning areas they’ve already cleaned. They will also be able to educate their customers on how to maintain their homes between professional cleanings.

Angela Brown Recommends Training All Cleaning Employees

Training cleaning employees is paramount to the success of your cleaning business because trained employees interact directly with your customers. Having the knowledge to clean properly builds confidence in the team, and reduces call backs and recleans. Trained employees also have the skills and knowledge to navigate customer relations which improves customer satisfaction and retention.

A Trained Employee is a Loyal Employee

Cleaning technicians care when their company invests in a paid training program for them. “Cleaners are by nature people pleasers,” says Angela Brown, founder of Savvy Cleaner Training, “and they want to do right by their clients. Knowing where the professional boundaries are keeps cleaners from being taken advantage of by customers who want extra jobs done without extra pay. If the employee knows how to navigate those difficult customer situations and they know you’ve got their back, they become the most loyal team members.”

The Hiring Site Blog found that more than 90% of workers are more loyal to companies that train them to advance their abilities.

Trained Cleaning Employees Have Less Job Injuries

Although training a cleaning staff can be costly, it is far less expensive than missed work due to on-the-job injuries, that can take weeks or months in recovery time and lost client revenues.

A Trained Cleaning Team Provides Excellent Service

Training equips a cleaning crew to perform specialized and add on services.“The best cleaning techniques are taught to cleaners during training, along with how to use special tools and how to provide a great customer experience,” adds Angela Brown, founder of Savvy Cleaner Training. “And once you learn these skills, you cannot unlearn them. They are your skills to use for the rest of your life.”

Why Angela Brown?

Angela Brown is an author, cleanfluencer, motivational speaker, YouTuber, and philanthropist. As the founder of Savvy Cleaner Training for house cleaners and maids she has been in the trenches herself as a professional house cleaner for twenty-five years and as a consultant and trainer to cleaning companies for the past thirty years.

Her clients range from solo residential cleaners to large franchise owners in 31 countries around the globe.

Her YouTube channel Ask a House Cleaner averages 73K hours of watch time each month with homeowners and cleaners alike tuning into learn the right way to clean and the nuances of being a professional cleaner.

Why Savvy Cleaner Training?

Brown offers training, certification, coaching, and support through the online training program at Savvy Cleaner Training for housekeepers and maids. The main objective behind all this hard work is to elevate the caliber of professional house cleaners and their services. With her easy-to-do, proven systems, Angela has helped thousands of cleaners earn a better living by building a recurring revenue stream to support their families and become financially independent.

The Savvy Cleaner model is an affordable system broken in to three memberships. Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification is a program designed for employees that teaches how to clean techniques. These programs are the nuts and bolts of cleaning such as chemical safety, personal protective equipment, eco cleaning supplies, how to clean toilets, dusting techniques and more.

The Savvy Cleaner Business membership is targeted at the business owner showing them how to choose a company name, logo, branding kit, territory, how to hire, how to fire, and how to navigate the sales process of pricing, job estimates and upsells.

The Savvy Cleaner Network is both the training and business memberships combined for those solo operators who want to maximize their learning, and group support while growing their business.

Savvy Cleaner Support

Angela Brown believes that real-time support provides the best learning because one can course correct as they go. Her private Facebook Groups for cleaning business owners are packed with 20K+ business owners that network around the clock and spin ideas about what is working and what needs improvement as they grow their cleaning businesses. “The help you need to grow and develop a cleaning business is available and affordable,” adds Angela Brown “come join us, we can save you light years off the learning curve, and we would love to be part of your journey.”

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