Apple’s AirTags: Everything we know


Apple unveiled its long-awaited AirTag in April 2021 after years of rumours and speculation after many years of waiting. This circular and small tech piece named as “tag” is designed to be attached to items such as keys and wallets so that accessories, such as these, can be tracked via Bluetooth at the same time as Apple devices using the mobile app Find My

Price of AirTags

In any case, a single AirTag costs $29, while a full package of four AirTags costs $99.

It should be noted that AirTags are available directly from Apple, but the price is not inclusive of any accessories necessary to attach the AirTag to an item. AirTag accessories are available from Apple and several third parties, but Apple offers the AirTags accessory separately.

The AirTag can also be purchased from third-party retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

Release date of AirTags

Preorders for AirTags were opened on Friday, April 23, 2021, and the product was officially launched on Friday, April 30, 2021.

Reviews about AirTag

Several members of the media were able to test AirTags before they went on sale, and they have given them a positive first impression.  According to some reports, AirTags have been hailed as a “smart” and “capable” gadget for those in Apple’s ecosystem, as well as having a great deal of tracking simplicity and accuracy.

There can sometimes be a 30-second delay before the AirTag can obtain its initial location from another room depending on the Bluetooth signal, and the accuracy of the location is also affected by obstacles and walls. To get around this, you could use the U1 Precision Tracking.

Design for the AirTags

Known as the AirTag, it is a small, button-shaped tracking device. It is coated in a shiny white film and has an engraving area on the front that can be customized. A set of AirTags is designed to be embedded on an item, so they can attach to it using additional accessories. CR2032 batteries are used inside the AirTags.

With a diameter of 1.26 inches and a height of 0.31 inches, the diameter of AirTag is 1.26 inches and the height of AirTag is 8mm. AirTag is a very lightweight item, weighing only 0.39 ounces (11.1 grams).

Engraving on AirTags

As a user of an AirTag, you can engrave up to four letters or emoji characters. However, because of size restrictions, you cannot engrave more than one emoji at the same time. Apple, as part of its content filtering process, has also imposed limitations on certain emoji strings and phrases.

Unlike some other emojis, you cannot combine a Horse Face emoji with the Pile of Poo emoji, nor can you put curse words into an emoji.

Features of AirTags

Users can now add and manage AirTags through the “Items” tab of the Find My app with iOS 14.3. In the Find My app, each AirTag is displayed on a map so that you can see where it is located, just as it is displayed on other Apple devices. You can connect an AirTag to an iOS device or Mac through Bluetooth, just as you can with other Apple devices.

It has been added that Apple added a U1 chip in each AirTag so that you can get a precise location indoors or outdoors if it’s nearby, or its last known location if it’s not. With the speaker built into the AirTag, you can play a sound to find a lost AirTag around your house, and you can either play a sound through the Find My app or ask Siri to play a sound to find a lost AirTag.

The Find My network could help you locate an AirTag if it has been lost or stolen. There are hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices that have built-in location services which help locate an AirTag. When the AirTag is located on someone else’s device, it will show up on a map when the AirTag is found.

When an AirTag is in Lost Mode, it will automatically send a notification if it’s detected by someone within the Find My network. You can also include your contact information so that someone who finds your item will be able to call you for assistance.

The AirTags firmware is capable of being regularly updated, and this has been done numerous times since the launch of the AirTags.

Making a precise finding

With a U1 chip, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, as well as some Macs and PCs, you can take advantage of Precision Finding, a feature on your phone that can demonstrate precisely how to obtain your lost AirTag. A precision finding system that combines augmented reality, sound, and haptic feedback can help you complete your task.

How to return a lost AirTag

It is possible to scan an AirTag with the help of any smartphone that has NFC functionality with the help of any smartphone that is capable of detecting them so that the contact details can be displayed if the tags are located or found with an AirTag fitted.

You can do this with both Apple and Android devices, so if you find an object, simply scan it with your phone to locate its owner. When the AirTag is in Lost Mode, it will also relay its location back to the owner through the Find My network, in case the tag has been lost.

Alerts Regarding Separation

It’s in the iOS 15 version of the Find My app that you’re going to find Separation Alerts, which will notify you when you’ve left your Apple device behind, an AirTag attached to your device, or an AirTag linked to your device.

The Find My app allows you to set up Separation Alerts, so if you want to make sure that you always have your iPhone with you or that you never leave the house without your keys, this is the feature you need to set up.

The battery for AirTags

This wireless tag uses a replaceable CR2032 battery that can be replaced after a year without the need for a new one. For swapping out batteries on the AirTag, you can press and twist the back panel to pop off the AirTag, which allows you to reach the battery compartment.

A notification will appear on the AirTag when the battery is running low, informing you that you need to replace the battery.

Charging the AirTags

Apple-designed the AirTag to come with user-replaceable CR2032 batteries so that there is no need or way to charge the device.

The range of AirTags

The Apple Company has not yet provided details about the range of the AirTag, but the maximum Bluetooth range is approximately 100 meters, which would mean that the AirTag could be tracked at least up to that distance. It is going to take more experimentation to find out a more specific range of information. Visit for more Apple news and updates.