Are Virtual Interviews Convenient?


“Hey, have you tried the virtual interview yet?”

“We now accept Virtual interviews too!”

“Can we please switch to a Virtual Call?”

“Introducing Virtual Interviews!”

Are you tired of wondering what a virtual interview is and how helpful it can be? Then we guess it’s just your lucky day that you’ve scrolled up to this blog which talks about the ins and outs of it! With the possibility of just connecting with anyone around the world and the advancement of technology with video conferencing, you can meet your office bestie and your new hiring team/interviewer. Now, when you do opt for a virtual call or select a company where video interviews are mandatory, you need to look out for the dos and don’ts. We’ve listed some for you to make sure that you don’t make those same mistakes and stand out from the rest!


The Basics are Important

While any interview can be nerve-racking, virtual ones are no different. But here, you have a screen, technical oopsies? /Issues are bound to happen if you don’t take care from the beginning.

Boot up your Device

While you’re busy checking everything else, don’t forget to charge your device’s battery. Because disappearing away would be too embarrassing and non-professional.

Test your Systems

Check the three essentials: your microphone, camera, and network. And after that, if you are presenting a presentation, have a look over it and see if it’s error-free.

Switch off Other Tabs: Switch off your notifications and your daily tabs, because while you’re presenting something important, you surely don’t want a cringe. /Awkward message to pop up on your screen!

Choose your Sitting Arrangement Before-Hand

The seating arrangement says a lot about your personality. So, when you choose, go to a quiet place where no noise can distract you. Ask your peers to give you some space and not to interrupt during the meeting. Choose a setting that has soft lighting and allows you to focus fully.

Be Attentive

Daydreaming and zoning out are not an option! Give your 100% attention to the interviewer and get as less distracted as you can. Keep your phone away and also put it on the ‘DND’ or the Do Not Disturb Mode.

Be Punctual

Joining on time or being 2-3 minutes early would not harm you!

Research the Job Description

Tally your skills and their requirements. Put out your experiences and skills that match the position, it’s fine even if there are some skills where you need to grow. That can show how your ability to learn and explore new things.

Know Your Interviewer(s)

Research or look them up on professional networking sites such as JollyHires? to familiarize yourself with their background.

Dress Professionally

Make sure you don’t just put on anything that makes you look good, wear something that’d make you look professional and authentic, subtle yet formal. Your clothes play an important part too!

Body Language

Keep a straight posture and avoid sitting cross-legged. Use a table chair for a proper lean look. And during the interview, use hand gestures for certain things like an introductory-concluding greeting, or while explaining something. Refrain from overdoing them. Try to keep as calm as possible.

Dealing with it like a Normal Interview

Virtual interviews are no different than physical interviews, they require the same set of practices. Just like how you practice before an on-site interview, don’t forget to do it for the virtual call too.

Be Passionate and Confident

Confidence is the key to success! Show them how passionate you are about working with them and tell them what motivates you to work. Make an impression that’ll last and make them choose you above everyone else. Share your interests and speak candidly about them. Let them know about your short- and long-term goals professionally and personally. Talk about your background and the skills and experience that you have to offer. This will improve your delivery of speech and make you more comfortable.

Ask Questions

It is important to ask questions/doubts at the end of the interview so that they know that you’re interested in working for them and are curious about their company. You can ask questions like: ‘How’s the work environment here?’ ‘How did you your hardships?’ ‘Are you fine with a flexible schedule?’ etc.

All’s well that ends well

When you conclude the interview, thank the interwar(s) with a smile and appreciate the time they took out for you. Let them know that you’re excited to join the team and that you look forward to a positive answer. You can also email them a small thank you note.<?p>

And these are some tips with which you can ace a Virtual Interview. There are a few platforms that the recruiters are conducting Virtual Interviews on. And if you wish to explore it more, the new exciting JollyHires app has a feature called the ‘Virtual Interview’ feature, which is proven to be time-saving and helpful in quick decision-making for both: the candidate and the recruiter. It is just a click away from being hired or getting hired! Dealing with it like a Normal Interview. Virtual interviews are no different than physical interviews, they require the same set of practices.