Argentina, with football, the head and heart of its captain and personality,

the Argentine national team beat the Netherlands in one of the most exciting football matches of all time. History was written at the iconic stadium in Lusail and for the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. That legend will be imprinted in golden letters and made even brighter by the stellar participation of Lionel Messi.

When an event is really important, it doesn’t take time to make it big. Not from how the events that follow occurred. When something real remains forever etched in the people’s memory, it’s felt on the skin. Argentina’s penalty shootout victory to reach the semi-finals was an epic that would light up people’s lives for many years.

Perhaps the suffering was much more than it was worth, because the Argentine national team led the match for 110 of the 120 minutes. It was played in its own way and with its own rhythms. But he lost his mind for ten minutes and conceded two goals that led to extra time and a penalty shootout. Then, as if that fatal blow was nothing more than a nudge of fate to fight back, he rose again and found advantages to win. He went ahead, played, attacked and, thanks to this enthusiastic push and football, won the penalty shootout.

The reasons for winning will be analyzed in depth later, when the feelings of this match no longer cloud the senses so much. Now it remains to talk about the thing that always needs to be talked about. From the man who can do everything. who vowed to live the World Cup like no other tournament. Again, against Australia, Messi gave an impressive performance. Perhaps for different reasons, but in the same way as anyone who has seen it moves.

The organization gave the award for the personality of the match to Emiliano Martinez and Nahuel Molina, the penalty shootout champion and the first scorer. In addition to this bureaucratic recognition, the Ten’s mission was brief. He was dodging, playing, empowering, fighting, arguing. With football, intelligence and personality he led a group of players willing to do anything for him and for the shirt,

only Messi is capable of executing Molina’s goal, which is why his beauty and extraordinary usefulness are hard to appreciate. In comparison with himself, he may lose. It is an ode that shifts between the deception, the strength and the unique genius of passing without looking and between the legs of the opponent. After that, Molina is known for an impressive hierarchy against Virgil van Dijk, one of the best central defenders in the world.

Before and after the first goal, he put together his usual Qatar party. A tale in which he writes the score for him and for him. Because his main task in this tournament is to set times for the team with the ball. Argentina plays what they decide. He is the total leader in football, but this time it was also in his temper.

When the match intensified, Messi saved, as they say in his country. At the moment when two Dutch goals could end up liquidating illusions, he took charge of the ball but also put himself in front of the team chosen to stop the storm. Argentina excelled a lot in the annex thanks to its iron character.

Two steps left towards your life goal. Two parties. He has already passed a test as difficult as it is valuable. And on a day that history will record, the picture will be yours, like so many other times. As well as never before.