British Education System in United Kingdom
Aspects of the British Education System in United Kingdom

The British education system is one of the most well celebrated and much-acclaimed curriculum worldwide. Not only in the UK region but, it is widely accepted in the South Asian region and also in some parts of the US. The rote learning method which is practised by many countries was abolished in the United Kingdom when the reign of Queen Victoria was even not initiated.

This education system of the United Kingdom is only limited to learning by the books, but it also focuses well on STEAM learning too universityx. Technological advancements and things like robotics is implemented well in the program.

Below are some characteristics or aspects of the British education system which prove the quality of these academics in the entire region.

Compulsory and free

The high-quality education from pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher secondary is free of cost in the entire UK, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There is no discrimination based on nationality and immigrant history of the pupil. Every student can avail of top-notch British education from the available public educational institution. Although there are many private schools too, it is totally up to students and their parents which sector of the institute they want to choose.

Ordinary Level IGCSE/GCSE

Ordinary level popularly known as O-level is the education which is comprised of two years. The pupil’s age is ideally 15 years in grade 10th and goes until he is 17 years old till the grade 11. In this phase, he took a combination of subjects like science, math, and computers. Further, the stream of this subject is broken down into a unit of four subjects.

The education program lasts 2 years mostly and consists of compulsory (mathematics, science, English) and a pool of subjects to choose from (physical education, ITC, design, religion studies, history, geography, and many others). British education reassures emphasis on specialization, and already on the stream of GCSE program, the footing is laid for a future forte or direction. According to essay writing service, A-level is the most difficult one in terms of quality of education.

A-Level or IB

A-level is also known as the advanced level comes after acquiring an O level uf elearning. In this section, a student is said to be in grades 12 and 13. As this program is for two years, and after that, a pupil is eligible to take admission to the university directly. Passing A level is quite tough because it is laid on such an advance and high-tech syllabus, that passing each and every chosen subject and the additional compulsory subject is a little hectic. Whereas international baccalaureate (IB) is said to be tougher than A levels, according to experts the latter approach is more based on a world perspective and the A-levels are more in-depth and have a more intense grip over the subjects.

Equality among pupils

British education one quality which is appreciated throughout the world is that there is certainly ZERO discrimination among the race, caste, creed, socio or economic background of the student. Even the children of the royal family study the same curriculum as other kids. The same set of books and no special treatment is given to them. This explains well, why the British Monarchy is loved by the masses.

This action does impact well on the student’s minds, and also lets them know that everyone is equal and materialistic and heritage-related rank doesn’t make anyone superior.


Unlike American schools which don’t have any uniform in their schools, the British system even the public schools have a uniform in them. Strict action is taken when a pupil without any legitimate reason wears apart it. Right from the pre-primary to the higher secondary a uniform is implied. The reason behind this practice is to have uniformity and equality among students. No student is superior to another everyone is equal inside despite having different ethnicity or culture.

Future learning

This is the age that clearly revolves around future learning and its aspects. The Britishers implement robotics, engineering, and computers, right from an early age. They want the upcoming generation to be well-equipped in this genre. As the world is moving toward AI and collaborating this technique in studies a fruitful result can be achieved. This is the reason that computer classes are considered a compulsory subject in the UK.

Future learning goals are implemented and blended well by the teachers to make pupils well aware and well amalgamated with the advancement in the world happening. This makes the children of Great Britain, well focused and they don’t need any further assignment help in Leeds or in regions of the UK.

Personality development

One notable of this education system is that they not only focus on the academic sphere but also cultivates personal grooming too. This is a very appreciable aspect which should be adopted by other countries too. In school, kids are given classes like how to be presentable, basic table manners, and overall British culture to make schoolchildren well aware. This is the thing that is lacking well in the American curriculum. So credit should be given where it is due.

STEAM learning

It is so evident that now education without implementing STEAM ideologies seems incomplete in such an era. Although, the syllabus is quite debatable when it comes to collaborating with this stream of education. But, the projection of STEAM and its effects on children’s mental development is proved to be beneficial for the long term aspects. Although it is seen that STEM AND STEAM are similar but interaction with the subject of arts into this have immaculate results on apprentices. For more details

Online portals for students and Parents

MySNHU is an online portal that allows students to access their academic records, grades, and other important information. My SNHU is specially designed for Southern New Hampshire University’s official students that allow students to access their records, schedule classes, and manage their academic information.

Another stunning portal in education is MyeClass. MyeClass is a web-based online portal designed for parents to check their children’s educational progress and share educational experiences on daily basis. With the MyeClass login page, parents can access grades and report cards, send messages to other parents, post photos and videos of their children, and more.

Many educational institutes have their own online portals. TTU Blackboard is the online web portal for the students of Texas Tech University to facilitate their students. Each student is awarded a unique Blackboard ttu account to check his course activities and grades.


British education is one oldest in the world. Coming from the time when England was ruled by the King. But, since then they have maintained the integrity of this syllabus and keep involving modernity in their education to match the entire world. Although it is a fact that Britishers are traditional loving people, they don’t let this comes into the education of their young ones tmlive. Even the COVID-19 vaccinations were made by UK scientists to fight against the spread of the virus.

Ranging from O levels to the A levels and IB, this schooling method is appreciable worldwide. Universities and advanced level education which are available at the professional graph is appreciated because world’s oldest and renowned happens to be in the UK.