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Trade show displays are the most powerful visual presentation available in various shapes, styles, functions, and portability. It’s easy to stage and create a display that draws attention to your booth. Choosing a good custom trade show booth is key to presenting yourself at the display. Some exhibits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, others less than a thousand. You need to stand out from the crowd. Your booth should attract attention and make your company’s brand tangible. Trade show exhibit rentals can be bought for any budget. The custom booth display designs allow exhibitors to redesign the display to fit different sizes or add more accessories. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused cramps in most salons, things are back to normal.

Different types and ideas of trade show booths for the exhibit

You need to harness the power and value of these exhibits with a popular trade show booth builder; you don’t just need a booth; you need one that meets your specific needs. Bespoke trade shows can be modular but offer the widest range of possibilities. Modular displays ensure quick setup, easier disassembly, and easier shipping. At Expo Stand Services, we help you get the most out of every marketing event with the correct media configuration. 

Booths have different characteristics, including layout at the show and accessibility and allocated space. In addition, we offer custom booth display designs and exhibit rentals. Below we discuss the exact differences between the booth types and some quick tips on maximizing the use of each booth type.

To speed up your planning, let’s look at the different custom trade show booth designs at trade shows and when you might want to use them.

Peninsula Booth

Are you in control of your budget? Then this is the support you need. Accessible from three aisles, the Peninsula booth offers manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products in a spacious environment, allowing them to interact with interested parties without worrying about clutter. There are two types of stalls one on the peninsula, which is adjacent to the line cabins aft, and another set back from another cabin on the peninsula.

Despite the cost, it is generally preferred over the line cabins and by larger companies because of the space they offer and all the advantages of it.

Modular Trade Show Booth

These booth configurations are simple, durable, and affordable. Although these are prefabricated trade show booths, they come in various shapes, sizes and configurations. The modular trade show booths contain interchangeable parts that offer unlimited customization possibilities. Their advantages include the following:

  • Many configuration options
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can be individually adapted to your branding
  • Interactive exhibits that can use technology

Modular displays consist of elements such as walls, counters, shelves, tables, or other displays. They’re a great option for businesses that want a universal and affordable setup.

Booth panel systems 

Wall systems, like pop-ups, add a solid back wall to a trade show booth, because panel systems are a bit more structured, you can do more with them. For example, booth panel systems can showcase countertops and backsplashes. Still, custom panel systems can create large islands containing many options, such as lighting, product displays, counters, etc. Panel systems can be purchased from Expo Stand Services laminates and graphics. Not all panel systems are created equal, so the price reflects quality, ease of installation, and portability.

Of course, the more complex the design in terms of dimensions and options, the more difficult it becomes to install.

Linear Booths

Linear booths are the most common type of trade show booths. They are usually accessible via a trade show corridor or two if they are nearby—the booths in the line share at least two walls with other exhibits. The most common size is 10 x 10 feet, but it can be slightly larger. A linear booth is the cheapest option. So if the exhibitor needs to be present at the trade show, but at the same time, the budget is limited, the linear booth is the best solution. However, these booths have the biggest limitations: limited space, limited accessibility, limited visibility, and so on. Also, the enclosed space looks smaller.

Pipes and curtains

At the trade show, pipes and curtains are the basis of the event that offers everything exhibit spaces from 10 x 10 to giant island booths. As the name suggests, it’s just a frame made of a connected tube with fabric curtains hanging over it. With a whistle & you can print your custom curtains and hang artworks or banners on the back wall and side rails to give your booth a customized look.

Border Booth

Border booths are similar to peninsulas – one side is closed off – except these booths are located on the outer edge of the trade show space. Edge booths can be L-shaped when skewed, meaning their size often deviates from the traditional square – they start at 10/10 feet and are often available in 10 x 20 layouts.

Perimeter booths

You may consider a perimeter booth to maximize vertical visibility, as these booths typically have low height restrictions. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the back wall because of the space behind it.


Almost any type of display can be made with the Radius, from hanging displays to custom kiosks. The Truss has myriad aspects, from the massive light you see at concerts to the design. Traverses used for the trade show. The frame can be powder coated in various colors, covered in graphics, and assembled from counters, shelves, chairs, plinths, displays, and more. Nothing beats a grid to display huge graphics. Truss is great for huge screens floating in the air. 

Corner booth

The corner booth is at the end of the driveway. The biggest difference between an angled and linear booth is that it allows attendees to access it from either side: one overlooking the horizontal corridor and the other from a vertical corridor. In addition, since the corner booth is shown from two aisles, the exhibitor can expect more visitors than with an online booth.

Pop-up displays

Pop-ups offer portability, easy setup, lower price, and multiple display customization options. In most cases, they are used as a solid background wall. You can add graphic wall panels to create more impact and make your display stand out with a unique message. The pop-ups work with a fold-out frame that allows you to mount fabric or graphic panels on top to create a large gallery or fabric wall. Options such as lighting, monitor booths, and shelves can be added to customize the pop-up booth. The accommodation is also functional as it is divided into a meeting place & Greet the podium by covering it with fabrics or graphic “wraps” with a plastic cover.

To Conclude:

We offer free consultations where our amazing designers can create a one-of-a-kind trade show booth and exhibit you can be proud of! Our team’s designed booth makes you the center of the trade show. ESS offers a full range of all types of trade show displays. Our trade show exhibits are affordable and offer many options. Contact Expo Stand Services (a trade shows booth rental company in Las Vegas) for all your trade show displays, and we will put our experience and commitment to work for you. We will exceed your expectations for trade show displays as trade show booth builder.

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