Astrological Ways and Remedies To Find Your Love Partner By The Birth Chart?

Astrological Ways and Remedies To Find Your Love Partner By The Birth Chart
Astrological Ways and Remedies To Find Your Love Partner By The Birth Chart

Marriage is certainly one of the most important and crucial part in our life and hence the decision to marry a person or not should be taken by speculating all the aspects associated. The other important thing that plays a great role in the success of a long lasting and happy marriage is the compatibility between the couple. Here comes the role of vedic astrology which can help in predicting whether there will be a good chemistry between the couple or not and kundali matching of both the bride and groom is one of the ways through which astrologers can guide you. With the help of the birth chart, it can be predicted that whether a match is going to be successful or not and therefore, it enables to find the right life partner.

The Role & House Of Marriage in Kundali:

By carefully reading and analyzing the birth chart of both the perspective bride and groom, a good and expert astrologer can easily mitigate and decrease the ill effects and negative consequences of certain dashas in the marriage along with the future of the couple as well. If you are facing delay in marriage then you must consider getting yourself registered for a consultation with a renowned astrologer and know better on what is causing the delay. It is also a well-known fact that astrology is an ancient science that predicts the future by calculating and reading the planetary positions and certain dashas in the birth chart of the concerned person.

As far as marriage prediction is concerned in the horoscope, the mangal and shani dasha is said to bring in and cause the delay in a person’s life to get married and find the right match in the right age. The best astrologer can really help in predicting the time of your marriage and he/she can also tell you about the traits and behavioral aspects of your future life partner. The right and accurate kundali matching of the couple can also tell you if the perspective bride and groom can enjoy the financial stability with each other or not or if they can have a progressive future together or not.

If you are interested in knowing your love horoscope 2023, you can easily search on the internet and get some good knowledge about it.

Now coming back to the finding of life partner through the birth chart it is an easy task for the best astrologer. If you consult an astrologer and he or she tells you that you have bhakoot dosha or nadi dosha or some other dosha in your birth chart, there is still no need to worry. There are certain astrological remedies which can save you from the ill effects of these doshas and dashas and also with some good premarital astrology counselling, everything can be worked upon and sorted accordingly.

The Astrological House of Life Partner in Your Birth Chart:

The seventh house of a horoscope is said to be containing a lot of information about the marriage and the life partner of a person. The astrologers usually see and calculates the planetary placements and alignments in this house of the birth chart of the concerned person. By knowing which all planets are present in the seventh house of the horoscope, the traits and the type of behavior can also be predicted of the life partner. It is dominated by the planetary traits of the planet present in the seventh house. You can get all the tiniest details and traits about your life partner by knowing what all planets and stars are present in this house. Additionally, if we go about the information on the same regards, the planets of Venus and Jupiter also plays an important role. The love calculator can guide you to know whether there will be a good chemistry between the couple or not and whether the match is going to be long lasting or not.


How To Know About Your Life Partner Through The Birth Chart?

  • These days, people and especially the parents of the couple think that it is of utmost importance that the birth chart of the bride and groom should be carefully reviewed and examined before fixing up the proposal of the marriage. If you wish to choose the perfect life partner for marriage then you can surely do it through the help of vedic astrology.
  • The best astrologer will always have a close look on the D-1 chart and lagna chart of the concerned person to know more about marriage. After a detailed examination of D1 chart, then comes in to the consideration, the Navamsha chart to determine and predict whether it is going to be a good ideal match or not.
  • Then comes the analysis of Arudha padha and upapada lagna which is there in the 12th house of the birth chart.
  • The love horoscope 2023 can also be predicted for all zodiac signs by bringing in notice all the above mentioned points. After carefully reading and analysing all the contributing factors, the astrologer must also consider reading the 10th house as it can give a more detailed information on the line of the work that is career prospects of the future life partner.
  • If the main concern is on knowing the profession and career of the right match, then the 10th and 7th house of the birth chart must always be bringing in for the right calculation and prediction on the same.
  • In a specific condition where the seventh house’s ruler in the birth chart is exalted in the 9th and tenth houses, it creates a yoga which is commonly known as the raja yoga, in which the concerned person is said that he/she will prosper after marriage.
  • If a strong planet is placed in the seventh planet, it is considered that the spouse’s family can be a big wealthy family and prosperous one.

Therefore, by knowing and considering all these points to know about the life partner, one can easily find the right and ideal match for marriage with the help of vedic astrology.