As Dexter Morgan on the Showtime television series ‘Dexter,’ Michael C. Hall has mastered the art of playing the ghoulish character. His previous success on the hit TV series ‘Six Feet Under’ also falls into this category. This versatile actor has played many different types of roles on Broadway and in live theater. So what is it about Michael C. Halls ‘ personality that prepares him to ทางเข้า pragmatic play play moral serial killer Dexter Morgan? Read on and learn what his combination of Astrology and Numerology tells us about this actor of bizarre roles.

astronumerology ; Astrology combined with Numerology

Someone’s Astrology/Numerology combination is an easy way to learn about their basic personality type; all you need is your date of birth. Astronumerology combines a person ‘s sun sign from astrology and their life path from numerology to give us over a hundred different personality types. While your Sun sign value involves using a table of date ranges, the Life Path calculation involves calculating the sum of the eight digits in your date of birth and then reducing the total to a single digit with the fadic sum. . For Michael C. Hall, since we know his date of birth was February 1, 1971, we can determine that his Astrology and Numerology combination is Aquarius with a Live Path number of (3).

Aquarius (3) – The Pragmatic Idealist

People with this combination are born resourceful cheaters; they have a gift for avoiding compromises or eliminating avenues of escape. Aquarius threes will never burn their bridges and will always try to leave all their options open. These souls work hard to avoid being classified or cornered by others. They will talk for hours without giving any personal information. The only exception is when they encounter someone with an air of magic about them; someone who really intrigues them, then they will trade detail for detail.

These souls are very quick learners and can go from novices to experts at something pretty quickly. They will never allow a lack of ability to prevent them from claiming that they can do something. After all, how hard can it be to learn? Aquarius three can fit in with any group or social class, like a chameleon. They will try their hand at many trades before establishing themselves in a career, it is not that they are fickle, but that they do not feel committed to anything in particular. And these souls must learn to concentrate, so as not to be derailed by every interesting hobby that comes along.


Michael C. Hall’s Astrology/Life Path combination shows us that his ability to fit in and pick up new skills quickly makes him an excellent method actor. And his natural reluctance to reveal himself to others fits the role of “Dexter” perfectly; a closet serial killer. You will never pass up interesting paper for content; in fact, the more unusual the paper, the more it will appeal to you.

The benefits of playing the guitar: building self-confidence with a productive leisure activity

Music has always been a way of expressing a musician’s innermost feelings, not just a hobby or a way to fill extra time. People can say otherwise, but that’s what differentiates those who don’t know how to play music from those who do. Learning to play the guitar is a great place to start and is highly recommended for the following reasons:

A Productive Leisure Activity

One of the best things about playing a musical instrument is that you can never get bored when you spend your free time playing music. As parents or teachers used to say, ” busy hands are happy hands.”

Learning to play the guitar requires an investment of time, but that will pay off when it comes to social events. If a person becomes good enough at it, they can even use their guitar playing ability to make a good impression at school or in the workplace. And they can even earn some extra money by acting or giving private lessons. Playing the guitar is one of those leisure activities that pays long-term dividends, making it a valuable life skill. This may be a more pragmatic way of defining the merits of having a musical hobby. But even if you ignore the practical reasons (like stress reduction), playing an instrument is a valuable form of entertainment.

Building self confidence

However, there are other benefits to investing time and effort in learning to play the guitar besides money and social graces. Building trust is one of them.

Learning and mastering any other particular skill, even one as simple as playing the guitar, can greatly improve the way we see ourselves. As we become more skilled at what we do, we gain more confidence in our competence in that matter. This newfound confidence can spill over into other aspects of our lives. Learning to play the guitar can boost our confidence when it comes to our self-esteem, our social skills, and even our aptitude in school or at work. This confidence, in turn, will propel us to achieve greater things in life.

healing therapy

As mentioned above, music is one of the most reliable ways to express the feelings that we have locked up deep within us. These feelings fuel not only our musical talent, but also heal us from within.

This expression is itself therapeutic for the wounds we carry in life. By allowing these expressions to flow freely from the guitar strings, we allow ourselves to identify these feelings as our own and better understand them. The music that emanates from a guitar can also be a reliable method of venting various pent-up emotions within us. We are then able to release and confront our pain, joy, hate, love, anger, and satisfaction through the music we play. Doing so will give us a chance to see what drives us, as well as help us deal with the issues we have at the time.

From a productive leisure activity to building pragmatic play self-confidence to heal ourselves from within; These are the reasons why creating music by learning and mastering the guitar is recommended for people from all walks of life, and playing the guitar is one of the easiest and most versatile methods of doing so.