Automation technology provides greater opportunities for businesses

Automation technology provides greater opportunities for businesses

Automation technology will support the business world to create a variety of work environments and provide opportunities for employees to take on more attractive, qualified and career-driven roles.

“Many companies today are at a crossroads as they set their sights on the future, and automation will play an important role in a variety of forms, from robotics to analytics,” said Sales Vice President of Southeast Asia, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific, Christanto Suryadarma, in a statement. statement, Friday.

Cobots, robotic process automation (RPA), automated mobile robots (AMRs) and micro fulfillment centers are ready to welcome 5 years of rapid growth and will become fundamental to business operations such as digital information systems and mobile technology.

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He considered, companies should consider increasing the strength of their workforce with robots, or they face the risk that their business growth will be hampered.

Robots are designed to adapt to existing operational and manufacturing environments, and manufacturers can take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of today’s robotic automation solutions.

Some of these solutions can even be implemented in just a day or two. This will require a lot of support from a variety of trusted entities including solution providers who are highly skilled in manufacturing and/or robotics.

“Solution-focused technology will help transform business operations by creating more dynamic and highly efficient workflows.

By implementing the right automation, employees will be free from repetitive tasks and can contribute in a place that allows them to provide the most value,” said Christanto.

“Companies will also gain the ability to see the entire company environment very well so they can make sharper decisions by relying on data-driven intelligence,” he added.

Another important example is industrial automation. Machine vision and fixed industrial scanning, RFID and real time location systems will undergo a slight update process in 2022.

Automation in decision making is a by-product of machine vision, computer vision, AI/machine learning, predictive and/or prescriptive analytics, and sector-dependent location technology.

This will reduce the burden on employees having to make appropriate calls based on the limited information they have.

Decision makers in several sectors, including retailers and warehouse operators, have confirmed that they plan to add a new level of intelligence to their workflows to assist, and even automate, the decision-making process.

Workflow automation has become a priority in 2022 as data digitization matures and employees work in different locations.

This increased need for autonomy, speed and efficiency is driving a greater commitment to intelligent software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that can identify and assign, track status, and even act quickly when deadlines draw near.

The best workflow automation solutions are so easy to understand that new employees at the forefront of business only need a mobile computer to stay productive from their first day on the job.

With the automation of analytics, there is no need to manually sort information by data scientists.

By implementing intelligent predictive and prescriptive analytics platforms into business systems, all staff can easily view and understand market, demand, inventory and performance trends.