Rey’s Journey with Embracing Balance between Light and Dark Rey Force Awakens Lightsaber

dark rey lightsaber

In the dimly lit corridors of an ancient tabernacle on the earth Ahch-To, Rey stood in silence. The ocean swells crashed against the escarpments outdoors, filling the air with a constant, metrical roar. The sound sounded to amplify the fermentation within her mind as she giggled at the object in her hands.

It wasn’t the familiar blue lightsaber that formerly belonged to Anakin Skywalker, nor the one she had constructed after the battle against the First Order. This was a commodity different, a commodity that felt both foreign and unsettlingly familiar.

The bow of the lightsaber was satiny, nearly elegant, yet there was a portentous weight to it. It was dark, with a deep sanguine blade that flitted ominously when burned. Rey could feel a strange energy expiring from it, a pull that hovered to drag her into the ocean if she was not careful. This was the dark Rey lightsaber, a relic from a vision of what she could have come.

Rey recalled the first time she saw the vision. It was during her training with Leia when she was trying to connect with the Jedi who had come before her. In the vision, she saw herself dressed in black, eyes glowing with a creepy intensity, applying a lightsaber just like this bone. The sight had scarified her, shaking her confidence and leaving her questioning her path. Was this her fortune? Could she fall to the darkness just like so numerous before her?

The discovery of this lightsaber on Ahch-To had reignited those fears. She had set it up in a retired chamber beneath the tabernacle, its presence a stark memorial of the duality within her. Rey was a Palpatine by blood, a lineage that carried the shadow of the Sith.

But she was also the pupil of Leia and Luke, inheriting the stopgap and strength of the Skywalkers. This Rey Sith lightsaber sounded to represent a crossroads, a palpable incarnation of the choices that lay before her.

Rey closed her eyes, trying to undergird her breathing. She demanded clarity, a sense of direction. The Force had always been her companion, a lamp in the darkness. She reached out with her senses, letting the energy inflow through her, seeking answers in the silence of the ancient tabernacle.

Images flashed through her mind — her parents, her musketeers, the battles she had fought, and the people she had lost. Each memory was a thread in the shade of her life, weaving together the person she had come.

Her studies drifted to the trip that had brought her then. She flashed back to the first time she held a rey force awakens lightsaber, the admiration and fear that had filled her. The armament had felt like a living thing in her hand, humming with power and history. That was Anakin’s lightsaber, passed down through the generations, a symbol of the Jedi’s enduring heritage. It had been her lamp in the dark times, guiding her when she felt lost.

Also there was the lightsaber she had drafted herself, after the fall of the First Order. It was a symbol of her own trip, a testament to her growth and adaptability. The unheroic blade represented balance, a mix of the old and the new, the light and the dark. It was uniquely hers, forged through trials and triumphs.

But this dark Reys lightsaber was different. It felt like a challenge, a question she demanded to answer. What would she do with this power? Could she control it, or would it control her? The vision of herself as a Sith dallied in her mind, a stark memorial of what could be if she faltered.

She burned the blade, watching the sanguine light cast a creepy murk on the tabernacle walls. The hum of the smallsword was different from her own, a lower, more menacing tone that sounded to reverberate with the darkness within the chamber. She felt a shiver run down her chin, but she stood establishment, gaping into the red gleam.

As she moved through a series of combat forms, the dark lightsaber felt nearly like an extension of herself. It was important, precise, and deadly. Yet with each swing, she felt the pull of the dark side, an insidious tale in her mind. It was tempting, offering power and control, but at a cost. She had seen the consequences of giving in to similar temptations — Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine. They had all succumbed to the darkness, losing themselves in the process.

Rey stopped, breathing heavily. She killed the Rey sith lightsaber, plunging the room back into shadow. She couldn’t ignore the dark side within her, but she could choose how to face it. It was a part of her, but it didn’t define her. She was further than her birth, further than her fears. She was Rey, a Jedi.

Leaving the tabernacle, she walked to the edge of the precipice and looked out over the ocean. The sun was setting, casting a warm gleam over the turbulent waters. It was a moment of calm amidst the chaos, a memorial that light and dark were two sides of the same coin. Balance wasn’t about eradicating the darkness but understanding it and choosing to act with wisdom and compassion.

Rey held the dark Rey lightsaber in her hand one last time before placing it on the ground. It was a part of her trip, a memorial of the choices she had made and the bones she had yet to make. But it wasn’t the path she’d walk. She turned down, heading back to her boat. There were still battles to fight, still people to cover. And she’d do so as herself, embracing both the light and the dark within her, changing balance in the Force.

As she prepared to leave Ahch-To, Rey felt a sense of peace. The future was uncertain, but she was ready to face it. With her lightsaber at her side, she knew she could forge her path. Rey’s lightsaber was a symbol of what could have been, but it was her choices that would define what would be. She wasn’t bound by fortune or blood but by the strength of her spirit and the clarity of her heart. And with that, Rey set off into the world, ready to face whatever came next.