The real war was being fought silently in the backcountry, but the smart money was on the Tigrayans.
Humanitarian assistance was scaled up before there was widespread hunger.
In Kenya, the number of people in need of assistance has risen more than fourfold in less than two years.
According to the Short Rains Assessment, the rapidly escalating drought has left 3.
World Food Programme is scaling up emergency food and nutrition assistance to support 3 million people by the middle of this year.
World Food Programme has less than half of what it needs to keep scaling up.
As a result, the U. The trigger for the outbreak of actual fighting last November is disputed, but Abiy activated his secret alliance with Eritrea and the two jointly invaded Tigray.
It looked like a walk-over, and by the end of November Abiy declared that the fighting was over.
Ethiopia held the towns, and the front held the rest.
There was an almost complete federal blockade on news out of Tigray in the following months, except for occasional reports of massacres by Ethiopian or Eritrean troops.
World Food Programme is having to prioritize both nutrition (where treatment has taken precedence over prevention) and food assistance.
World Food Programme has launched its largest anticipatory action intervention so far in Africa, equipping vulnerable Somali households in drought hotspots with additional cash transfers and a public information campaign to help them withstand the impact of a potential fourth failed rainy season.
World Food Programme is also continuing livelihoods, resilience and food systems programs to protect recent development gains and support vulnerable Somalis against droughts and other crises in the long term.
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Note to editors Download photos here Download video here In Ethiopia crops have failed, over a million livestock have died and an estimated 7.
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