Barbituric Acid Market Growth, COVID Impact, Trends Analysis Report Forecast to 2032


The world barbituric acid market is expected to reach around US$ 19.8 Million by 2022.  Furthermore, with increasing adoption of barbituric acid in industries like pharmaceutical, plastic, polymer, textile, etc., the total demand for barbituric acid is likely to grow at a constant CAGR of 4.6 % between 2022 and 2032 for a total of over US$ 31.04 Million by 2032.

Barbituric acid is predominantly used for the production of barbiturate drugs. Barbituric acid is an organic compound characterized by a six-membered ring structure and belongs to the class of the pyrimidine family. One of the barbiturate drugs produced using barbituric acid is riboflavin which is used as a vitamin B2 nutritional supplement.

Barbiturate drugs have a sedative effect on the central nervous system and are being prescribed for anxiety. These drugs act as central nervous system depressants and are used for the treatment of insomnia, and epilepsy amongst others. Apart from its use as a pharmaceutical intermediate, barbituric acid is also used as a dye intermediate and as a nutritional supplement.

Global Barbituric Acid Market Participants

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global Barbituric Acid market are:

  • Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd.
  • Ralington Pharma
  • Explicit chmicals pvt. ltd.
  • Zhengzhou Lifeng Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Danopharm Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
  • CDH Druh House (P) Ltd.
  • Hunan HongQiang Chem Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Sparchem
  • Hem Corporation
  • GFS Chemicals Inc

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Global Barbituric Acid Market Restraints

One of the major challenges faced by global barbituric acid manufacturers is the stringent regulations pertaining to the manufacture of barbiturates drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

The use of barbiturate drugs is being strictly monitored by the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act. The side effects of the usage of such drugs and regulations for their dosage and content is a major factor which is likely to impact the global barbituric acid market.

Key Segments Profiled in the Barbituric Acid Industry Survey

By Grade:

  • Regular grade 98% (Industrial Grade)
  • High Purity Grade 99% (Pharmaceutical Grade)

By Application:

  • Pharmaceutical intermediate
  • Dye intermediate
  • Nutritional supplement

By End-Use Industry:

  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Polymers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Others

Global Barbituric Acid Market Trends

Apart from its major use for the manufacture of barbiturate drugs, barbituric acid is also used as a nutritional supplement for vitamin B2 deficiency. Barbituric acid is also increasingly being used as a dye intermediate used in the textile industry. Manufacturers of barbituric acid are generating a significant amount of revenue from exports to developing countries globally.

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