barking dog
barking dog

As a dog owner, you might be at your wit’s end when it comes to dealing with the continuous barking of your dog.  As a natural communication process, it is obvious that dogs bark – you cannot expect otherwise. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that there are reasons for your dog’s barking. And it’s possible that you are either unaware of those red flags or choosing to ignore them.

Did you know? You can hold back your dog from barking and solve the problem of your dog barking by training your dog. Moreover, you can reduce your dog’s barking habits by using several techniques.

How To STOP Your Dog From Barking using 'Speak!' | It's Me or the Dog -  YouTube

Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining that a training class can be the answer to barking dogs. Although a training session or using strategies and techniques are useful. And successful ways to resolve a barking dog’s problem still you should not expect an overnight outcome as everything takes time.

To begin with, let us first mention

Why Dog Barks?

Although barking is natural for your dog, excessive barking can be a red flag that either your dog is in any problem or there is something wrong. Let us list out some usual reasons why a dog barks.

1. Boredom

It is a fun fact that your dog could be barking because he is simply bored or has nothing else to do. The scarcity of any enthusiasm or excitement both mentally or physically can provoke your dog to start barking all of a sudden. Moreover,  the absence of any companion or company and the need to exercise can also be a reason for his boredom. And consequently, your dog starts barking.

2. Anxiety

If your dog is a little puppy or you brought him in, then he can feel the anxiety of separation from his family, fellow mates, and friends.

3. Seeking Attention

If you don’t give attention and care to your dog then it is the obvious reason why your dog is barking. Pets need care, attention, and consideration from their owners. That is one of the reasons dogs bark to grab the attention of their owner and passerby.

4. Scared

Your dog could be barking because he is scared. And he could be scared due to several situations or happenings around like thunderstorms, rain lightning, or loud noises. To your surprise, it could scare you if he is new to your home.

5. Sickness

There is a possibility that your dog is ill and he is trying to tell you by barking and you are unable to understand. It could be illness, injury, or any pain that he is barking as a response.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking?

There might be something that your dog is getting back when they bark. Although it seems funny, it is quite true. It can be any appreciation, praise, encouragement, or motivation that he gets from any person or any other dog or passerby. You should first figure out who is the one behind his back.

There are several types of barking habits of dogs. Note them down and act accordingly.

  1. If your dog is barking at a passerby person or any other animal from the window then you should immediately respond by blocking the window view. For instance, you can drop the curtains or move your dog away from the window. In this way, he will realize that this is not the right thing to do.
  2. Your dog can be barking because he wants to go outside. In this scenario, you should bring them a bell and train them to jingle it to convey he wants to go outside. Whenever he touches the bell and you respond and reward him he will be confirmed that he has to do a step for going out.
  3. If you realize that your dog is barking just because he wants some attention then you should ignore him otherwise he will continue to do this every time.
  4. Make your dog busy in any activity like playing with dogs or food puzzles etc. It will kill his boredom and he will be less attentive to barking. But try to keep the activities fun and rewarding in return.
  5. Try to make your dog less prone to different stimuli that provoke him to bark.
  6. When you and your dog pass by any barking dog then you should immediately grab his attention to something that is totally poles apart from barking. In this way, you train your dog that he should react to barking in a way that he doesn’t bark back at the other dog rather he stays busy on his own.
  7. You should keep your dog tired. It could be any physical exercise like walking, fetching, etc., or mental activities like solving puzzles, scent games, food games, playing with toys, etc.
  8. If your dog still does not obey and stops barking then it is time that you should contact a professional and certified dog trainer that can help you train your dog.

Tips to Train

It is a prerequisite for you to keep in mind some tips while you train your dog not to bark.

These are the tips you should consider:

  1. If you yell or shout at your dog it will not help you to reduce his barking. Instead of this, you should identify why your dog is barking and try to resolve his issue if he has any problem. In this way, you can remove the stimulus that is causing him to bark. And consequently, he will communicate in alternative slow-tone utterances.
  2. The bark training of your dog should consist of positive reinforcements and optimism. Approaches such as barking are a normal and natural process of communication for your dog.
  3. The training session should go consistent and regular. So that your dog cannot stray from his training path or get puzzled.
  4. If you convince your family members to behave with the dog similarly as you do; it will be more helpful for the dog to learn more swiftly.


Your dog could be barking due to several reasons. You should pay heed to your dog’s behaviors and try to resolve his issue. Moreover, you can train him specifically not to bark. For this purpose, you can utilize the above-mentioned strategies, tips, and training methods to refrain your dog from barking exceedingly.