Currently, the trend of online shopping is increasingly popular in Indonesia. This momentum can be used to start a side business. For example with an online selling business.
For maximum results, of course you have to know how to divide the time between a permanent job and the online business. This is so that online businesses can keep running even in the midst of busy work. Understanding this, Tokopedia through Tokopedia’s Head of External Communications Ekhel Chandra Wijaya also shared the key so that MSMEs can effectively divide their time between work and side business. Here are the tips.

1. Time Allocation Correctly

According to Ekhel, the most important thing to pay attention to is to allocate time appropriately. Do not let there be a sacrifice of time between a permanent job and a side business.

“For example, in the morning you can focus on permanent work. During your lunch break, you can enjoy lunch while meeting with side business vendors or replying to potential buyers’ chats,” he said in a written statement, Thursday (15/9/2022).

2. Take advantage of the Smart Reply feature

In addition, he said sellers can take advantage of the Smart Reply feature in the Tokopedia application. This feature makes it easier for sellers to automatically reply to buyer chats faster.

He also detailed 3 different functions that can be used in the Smart Reply feature. Namely to answer questions about product stock, delivery and product specifications.

“This Smart Reply feature will help sellers remain responsive to potential buyers even though they are busy with other activities,” said Ekhel.

3. Take Advantage of Advertising Features to Drive Promotion

Ekhel said that at Tokopedia, sellers don’t need to bother promoting the store and the goods they sell. Because there is a TopAds automatic advertising feature. With this feature, the product will appear on the top page of the Tokopedia application.

How to use it is easy. Sellers only need to set a daily budget. Practical because it can reach more buyers and maximize sales. As for one of the business activists who have felt the positive impact of the TopAds feature, one of them is Mulia Beras. This Makassar MSME recorded an increase in turnover of up to 2x after using the TopAds feature.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Ekhel did not deny that holding 2 responsibilities was a challenge in itself. But according to him it does not necessarily make you stop in the middle of the road. In times of difficulty, according to Ekhel, there is nothing wrong with asking for help from the closest colleagues to make work easier.

5. Don’t Forget to Rest!

Even though you’re excited to start an online business, Ekhel reminds you not to forget to take a break. This is so you don’t burn out quickly or get tired. In addition, adequate rest can also encourage business productivity.

“In order to continue to have regular breaks, sellers can also take advantage of the Store Schedule feature to adjust the opening and closing hours to the store’s holiday schedule. In the midst of this free time, don’t forget to seek inspiration and insight from other MSMEs from the Tokopedia Family community and the Tokopedia page. Seller Education Center,” said Ekhel.

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