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Beard Transplant Dubai
Beard & Facial Hair Transplantation Before and After Pictures.

Men encounter the problem of sparseness and baldness in their beard hair. This problem diminishes their looks but also erodes their confidence. Bread volume is very important for a man’s facial impression. Then eschewing razors and letting nature take its course. It causes uneven facial hair rather than a fashionable beard.A Beard Implant Dubai is a good option for facial hair follicles that aren’t cooperating. Your genes may also be to reproach for a lack of hair growth. If you are suffering from beard baldness and considering enhancing volume. Then don’t worry: it is very easy nowadays. To correct a bald spot, you can implant your own hair to the crown of your scalp.A doctor will first analyze your skin and hair to see if you’re a suitable candidate. And you must be curious about the expenses of the procedure. But keep in mind that we are offering this procedure at a low cost. The procedure doesn’t cause infection but it can leave visible scars.

What is a beard implant?

This type of hair restoration is becoming popular. Because the procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic surgery. That takes little time to complete and has a simple recovery period. It is the implantation of hair follicles into bald regions on the face. The hair follicles are extracted from the rear of the scalp. Then placed in the specific facial area that demands thicker hair density. This offers beard fullness as needed. If you’re familiar with hair transplant treatments. You’ll recognize the process used in beard transplants. Once the follicle implantation process is complete, the beard hair starts regrowing.

How many types of beard transplants are there?

A beard transplant Dubai involves the removal of hair from one area of the body. And then transplant it to your jawline or wherever you want your beard to grow. That appears to be a simple process, but it is not. A surgeon can take one of two approaches:


This method involves extracting entire follicular units from the donor’s hairs. FUE is a less painful procedure. Which may explain why it is the more popular technique. In this procedure, the surgeon cuts a short strip of tissue from the back of the head.


In this procedure, a surgeon removes hair follicles from a tiny strip of tissue. It will be collected from the bottom of the head during this surgery. A follicular unit is a group of hair follicles that emerge from the skin at the same location. Both treatments harvest and implant hair follicle grafts from the back side of the head. 

What is the cost of the procedure?

The cost of a Beard Transplant in Dubai ranges from AED 7000. The expenses are depending on the number of grafts. Patients should discuss the pricing with their doctor after their initial visit. Because the need for a graft can be determined by the expert. The doctor will examine your scalp and face. The insurance will not pay for the treatment because it is a cosmetic treatment.

What factors can influence the cost?

The cost of a procedure at a different clinic can vary according to a variety of factors. These considerations may include:

Clinic Level

The level of a clinic is defined by the quality of services provided. High-quality treatments are more expensive. Which is why different clinics charge varying rates for this process.

Clinic Location

The geographical representation of a clinic affects the cost of its procedures. Because of the type and grade of nobility living there. As the upper crust prefers clinics that provide protocols. If the center is in a posh area, then the cost of the procedure will rise.

The condition of the patient

If the donor and recipient areas of the patient are in good condition. The expert will then be less interested in resolving the issue. When compared to the severity of the treatment, they will charge less.

The expertise of the doctor

If applicants consult with an experienced doctor for the treatment. Then expenses will be higher. Because the skilled doctor delivers magical results from the procedure. Less experienced doctors can’t deliver lasting effects.

The need for graft

Every individual is unique, and their needs are also different. The need for hair strands can vary for different patients. Because everyone suffers from different conditions. The expenses depend on the number of hair follicles. If one rises, then the other also rises.

Need for anesthesia

The capacity for sensation also varies. Some applicants need the low intensity of anesthesia. Others need a general anesthetic. It can change the cost of the procedure. For more details, please consult the expert.

How does the procedure works?

Beard Transplant Dubai is a method for men who have lost their mustache or beard. As with all transplant procedures, begin with a doctor’s evaluation. There are two critical factors to consider during this analysis. First, the expert will assess the area. Second is the need for hair grafts. The operation is divided into three sections. It begins by removing the roots from the donor area. Then the expert will implant them into the hairless areas. The expert will perform the following steps:


  • The treatment area will be cleaned to avoid infection.
  • Then the expert will use a local anesthetic to reduce pain.
  • The procedure time depends on the needs of hair follicles.
  • Hair follicles will be harvested using cylindrical needles.
  • The needles will rotate at a low speed.
  • FUE hair follicles are transplanted into the mustache, beard, and sideburn areas.
  • This procedure should be carried out by a qualified team.
  • The planting angle in the face area is essential.

What are the pros of the procedure?

The procedure works well for adding volume to the bread’s hair. It has no side effects. It offers the following benefits:

  • The procedure gives you long-lasting outcomes.
  • It is a safe surgical procedure.
  • The procedure works under anesthesia.
  • It is a comfortable and painless procedure.
  • Applicants will experience minor “pinches.”
  • The procedure gives you natural hair.
  • The transplanting hairs on the bread can be trimmed.
  • If necessary, cover burns or scars.
  • The procedure allows for many beard styles.
  • It boosts self-esteem.
  • It enables you to get your preferred bread styles.

Is it worthwhile to get a beard transplant?

The surgery is worthwhile because of the post-surgical satisfaction of many patients. The before and after photos, as well as the fact that they are permanent.

Is the procedure painful?

Except for the FUT technique, which requires an anesthetic. A Beard Transplant Dubai is a painless procedure. Sedatives or local anesthesia help reduce stress in patients. The procedure is convenient and does not cause any discomfort.

Can I shave after getting a beard transplant?

Shaving must be avoided for at least 10 days after surgery. Because your face may be painful or puffy at first. You should be very cautious with your first shave. To avoid causing harm, it safe the target area from infections. Avoid touching or shaving the region.