If you have never ridden a bike before, working out regularly cycling can present many challenges. There are many trials and tribulations in the early morning and evening cycling.


In particular there are health and safety benefits in terms of financial costs from driving in or using public transport. Below is a guide on what to consider if you decide to donate.

Which bike?

Touring bikes are probably the best choice for first time cyclists as they are all round. Despite the heavy weight, a touring bike always comes with a mudguard (essential in the British climate as it is) and a rack to carry pans on the front and back of the bike. Travel bikes have a long wheelbase and relaxed geometry that makes it comfortable to ride a bike in an upright position. If you want something a little sportier than the Hybrid it also works well.

Plan a Bike Route

It sounds obvious, but if you’re just starting out, choose a cycling style that gives you the best feeling of safety while cycling. If you’re cycling anything that means spending less time away from traffic is important, so follow cycle paths/paths, use bus lanes, or quiet residential streets whenever possible. Also check out local bike shops when you’re on a bike tour. You never know if you might want to use one.

Be safe

Read about bike maintenance and bike hands-on. You will never be the next Mark Cavendish so go easy and be aware of everything around you in front of and behind your bike. There are even more people riding bikes than in previous years but many are inexperienced and don’t know the basics of bikes. Always communicate with motorists, pedestrians, and other drivers with hand signals, bells or talking. A pedestrian walking out of the street is unfortunately a common occurrence.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Not everyone has bathroom facilities at work so make sure what you are wearing is comfortable for riding your bike. Cargo pants work well with three-quarter versions and pants are highly recommended for cycling. For women, Capri pants or pedal pushers are recommended. On top, a simple t-shirt will do in the summer but in the winter months a sweater top will keep you warm.

Cycling Essentials Transport

No doubt you will carry work-related items in your backpack or bike panier but it is a good idea to carry a patch and drill, spare inner tube, spare tire and allen wrench tool kit for easy round trip problems. We also carry surgical gloves to handle punctures and other mechanical problems to avoid contaminating your hands. During the winter the bike can be a little dangerous with the weather and reduced daylight, so add lights and some kind of high viz jacket to what you carry or use.

Go to the Basic Maintenance Course

Learning to adjust the score and solve simple mechanical problems will help you feel less afraid if you encounter a problem while riding your bike.

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