Believing these 9 myths about custom boxes keeps you from growing


The practice of distributing your goods to customers in an unlabeled box is a thing of the past. The fact remains that first impressions count a lot. Custom packaging is a fantastic and affordable approach to impress your customers but also promotes brand loyalty, social sharing, and revenue growth. As an entrepreneur, you begin by doing research before deciding on the packaging for your items. You may come across many beliefs that discourage you from purchasing a particular style of packaging. Custom boxes are quite ubiquitous, yet there are some aspects of them that you may question. While as a business tycoon, you should also be aware that most of these claims are simply misconceptions. Here we’ll dispel 9 common misconceptions about them. So, you should be more confident when buying or producing display boxes for your items.

Custom boxes lead to customer detachment:

Do consumers care about packaging? Are you still believing that the packaging had just one job of product protection and nothing more? According to a recent study, products with attractive packaging sell more than those in custom boxes. In-store shoppers base 50% of their selections solely on product packaging. The look, feel, and texture of your branding are crucial. On social media, there are many unboxing videos and packaging images.

Custom Packaging a complicated Process:

Brands frequently believe that purchasing wholesale custom packaging is a difficult task. The entire procedure can be made incredibly simple by packaging designers and businesses like customer boxes USA. All you need to do is to address your criteria; the rest is up to them. The fastest turn-around time is 7 days. The required minimum is 100 boxes. If you have the necessary skills, you could try DIY.

Budget Unfriendly and Expensive

Custom packaging is frequently misunderstood to be more expensive than basic packaging. But that’s not even accurate. As your order of boxes grows, the cost of packaging decreases. Investing in go custom boxes is like doing so. Sales will increase, clients will be devoted, and marketing your goods will be simple. Additionally, by customizing your packaging, you can save money on returns and damaged goods.

Inflexible Display Boxes

One of the big misconceptions about small custom boxes is their rigidity. They don’t fold into desired shapes and sizes. Display boxes are incredibly adaptable. Their basic construction is of a material that is flexible enough to take any shape. According to the requirements of your company and your preferences, this material is used to create display boxes of various shapes and sizes. Cardboard or Kraft paper, which is incredibly simple to bend, cut, and mold, is typically used to make display boxes.

Costly printing of custom boxes

Many retailers think that custom box printing is expensive and budget unfriendly. Moreover, they are time-consuming and costly techniques due to the need for printing plates and highly skilled artwork. Otherwise, everything should go without a hitch if the printing plates are functioning properly. When creating or replacing printed printing plates necessitates some work. On the other hand, the cost is only incurred once. It’s important to remember that once the printing plates are created, according to the buyer’s demand. It can simply print hundreds of retail boxes affordably.

Hazardous to the Environment

Some individuals believe it is not a good thing because cardboard and its products require vast quantities of energy. Moreover, they also required a huge power spark for decomposition. Products inside small Custom Boxes don’t affect the environment. It is a natural product whose manufacturing materials are paper and wood pulp. Because cardboard decomposes in the environment, we also use it to create custom packaging. Recycling natural resources shouldn’t be outlawed because doing so saves a lot of resources compared to producing them from scratch. Recycling can also benefit the environment by lowering the amount of carbon dioxide and methane released into the atmosphere. As a result, you can make sure that your children and grandchildren live in a healthy environment.

Insufficient strength and Durability

The second misconception is that these personalized kraft boxes are not robust enough. Therefore, if you hold the misconception that these boxes are not last, you ought to give it some more thought. These boxes are strong and long-lasting enough to safeguard your goods. Once more, it all depends on the person selecting the packaging; he or she needs to be aware of the product’s specifications. A qualified packing supplier can offer you better advice. Therefore, regardless of whether your product is general or delicate, these boxes will provide you with an adequate level of protection and retain your goods in their original position.

Online retailers do not sell these boxes

The idea that these boxes are unavailable online or you cannot order them online is another untrue myth that you shouldn’t believe. There is nothing like that; you may purchase these cartons in bulk at discounted prices from any trustworthy website. All you need to do for this is think about using a reputable or well-known website that guarantees to fulfill your order on time and without any problems. Numerous custom box packaging retailers offer high-quality. Thus, you must give it a try. Experienced package suppliers and retailers also provide free packaging designing and printing services.

Not Ideal for Long Hours of Shipments:

Finally, these boxes are not the best for shipments that take place over an extended period. So once more, the answer is no; nothing of such exists. These boxes are quite reliable and honest, so you may ship them for a long time without worrying about them splitting or breaking.

With the aid of personalization and high-quality printing, you may construct a box exactly to your needs. Before choosing custom packaging, brands have several questions. That’s why suppliers try to address them. But some of the myths continue whose answers may not be there. Here, we’ll justify the top 9 misconceptions about custom boxes. So, you don’t fall ill with these untrue and invalid misconceptions.