Benefits of Fractional Investments in Real Estate


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in the way real estate investors approach their investments. As a result of the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic, numerous individual investors suffered considerable losses in their investments. There has been a shift in the market, with investors increasingly looking out for the safe investment vehicle of real estate. Nonetheless, not everyone possesses the large sums of wealth required for such ventures to be successful. Therefore, it is time now to find an investment alternative that is both pandemic-proof and dependable, as well as one that provides both liquid earnings and long-term financial appreciation. With MYRE Capital, you can reap all the benefits together. 

The answer is fractional investing real estate. This is because such an investment offers a unique combination of low-risk and high returns. This enables investors to diversify their investment portfolio by generating an additional source of income flow in addition to their primary source of revenue.

Even though India is still a virgin market for fractional investing real estate, it is expected to be worth more than USD 5 billion in the near future. Because it addresses a major issue with commercial property of high entry barrier of necessary investment, fractional investment is anticipated to be the future of the Indian real estate sector.

What is Fractional Investing Real Estate?

In short, fractional investing is where many investors pool their money to fund an investment property. This allows stakeholders to participate in the ownership of high-value assets without having to bear the whole financial burden of the entire investment. And therefore, following their financial commitment, both expenses and income are distributed among investors proportionally to their participation.

Benefits of Fractional Investing

  • Fractional investing acts as a passive investment. This is because in most cases, the third party with extensive property management experience is usually enlisted to take on the management tasks. This person will professionally manage the property, handle any upgrades, identify and manage clients, and deal with any legal needs. To become an investor, all that you require is to register with our platform MYRE Capital and start looking for investing options.
  • As mentioned above, fractional investing allows investors with a low budget to enter the market. Real estate investing, in general, can be too expensive and looks like a far-fetched dream for many. Therefore, fractional investing real estate gives you the freedom of investing depending on your income and savings. The total initial investment of fractional ownership is significantly cheaper than the cost of owning an individual real estate property.
  • Fractional investing also allows you to diversify your portfolio to mitigate the risks as far as possible. You have the option of buying parts of the real estate property, and it allows you to invest your hard-earned money into various assets. With fractional investment, you have the option of buying diversified properties, which can result in higher returns. 

Final Words

Using our platform MYRE Capital for fractional investment lets you have a team that actively manages your portfolio throughout. This implies that someone could take charge of the legal matters, someone else could be handling the management side, and another expert could be identifying new properties for you. Therefore, by keeping these abilities in-house, it is possible to get a higher overall return on investment.