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Nitrous oxide, or nangs, are small steel cartridges that can be used to create whipped cream. They’re often used in professional kitchens and foodservice industries.

What are Nangs?

Nangs are small canisters of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas and whippets. It is a colourless and odourless gas that has been used as an anaesthetic in dental practices since 1844, and has been around for more than 150 years as a recreational drug.

N2O is often inhaled for a short-lived high that may cause giggle fits, dissociative effects and a distorted sense of self. Other side effects include short euphoria, sound distortions, blurred vision and loss of coordination.

The gas was first synthesised by an English chemist in 1772 and was only popularised as a recreational drug in the 19th century when it was used at parties. It was not used as an anaesthetic until 1844 when it became more common in medical settings.

Today, the word nang is usually used to refer to the metal cylinders used in whipped cream siphons that use a special cartridge filled with nitrous oxide (N2O). These canisters can be found at supermarkets and are available in packs of ten for A$10.

However, nangs can be harmful if they are not used properly. They should not be stored in a warm environment, and they should only be opened within six months of their manufacturing date to ensure they are fresh.

Nangs are made from aluminium and steel with a screw top and a chamber that contains several holes. When the cap is tightened, these holes are pierced and fill with nitrous oxide. The nang is then placed inside a balloon and the balloon is inhaled.

Some users have reported numbness in their fingers and toes, and difficulty walking after use. This is due to a deficiency in vitamin B12 that can occur as a result of using the gas.

It can also lead to memory problems, ringing in the ears and spasms. In addition, long-term use can have negative effects on the brain and reproductive system.

A young girl in her 20s suffered nerve damage to her spinal cord after she had a serious binge on nangs. She was inhaling 360 nangs a week and is now struggling to walk.

Are Nangs Dangerous?

‘Nangs’, ‘whippets’ and ‘bulbs’ are the names given to small cartridges of nitrous oxide gas (also known as laughing gas). They can be purchased in bulk from supermarkets or at music festivals, and are often sold at a cost of $10 for a box of 10 canisters.

The gas is colourless and non-flammable, and is often used as a propellant for making whipped cream. It is also used as a sedative in medical procedures, such as childbirth and dental surgery.

Nangs are easily available in Australia and are widely seen as a recreational drug. They can be bought online and in stores around the country.

In recent years, they have become more common amongst young people, particularly international students who do not have parental supervision and have access to disposable income. In response, the government has stepped in, introducing a public health education campaign and limiting nang supplies to just a few canisters at any one time.

However, it’s also important to consider the long-term effects of nang use. The gas can deprive your body of oxygen, which can lead to serious health problems.

For example, nang use can render vitamin B12 inactive in your body, which is essential for red blood cell creation, nerve and muscle function, and brain development. This can result in anaemia, poor circulation, nerve damage and even death.

If you or someone you know is using nangs, get help as soon as possible by calling Triple Zero 000. Nangs can be toxic if not consumed in the right way and are particularly dangerous if used by young people, or those with pre-existing health conditions.

It is important to remember that nangs are not a substitute for a doctor’s prescription and should only be used under strict supervision. Aside from a high risk of overdose, prolonged exposure to the gas can also cause ringing in the ears, incontinence, numbness, spasms, psychosis, depression and disruption to the reproductive system.

Nangs are incredibly dangerous and should never be ingested if you’re pregnant, nursing or have an uncontrolled heart condition, diabetes, asthma or other respiratory issues. They can also damage your eyes and skin, cause a ‘giggle fit’ and blur vision.

Are Nangs Legal?

Nitrous oxide, or ‘nangs’, are a popular drug among schoolies and uni students. They’re easy to buy in supermarkets and convenience stores, and are a common sight in schoolies hubs around Australia.

They’re used to get high and are a relatively mild form of party drugs, meaning that they’re not often seen as a danger to other people. But that doesn’t mean that they’re completely harmless.

Some young people are abusing nangs and it’s causing a problem for health authorities. In Western Australia, the government is putting in place a number of restrictions on the sale of these canisters, including limiting their sale to people aged 16 and over and listing them as a schedule 6 poison.

There are some legitimate uses for small gas canisters, like whipping cream or use in cars, but these aren’t the ones that are being misused. They’re also sold in food outlets, such as cafes and restaurants, and have a legitimate purpose.

However, some businesses are using them as a means to make money, especially with the way they’re advertised online. Some companies are offering same-day nang delivery, and they’re targeting the people who are most likely to use them.

This could be young people who are looking for a way to party or those who are on a tight budget, but it’s also possible for those with addictions to find them more appealing because they’re less expensive. It’s easy to get high on nangs, and they don’t have any comedown effects.

They’re also not very environmentally friendly. They can’t be recycled because they explode when compressed, which makes them hard to dispose of.

If you’re thinking about ordering nangs, you can check whether they’re safe by reading reviews or asking for a recommendation from friends who have had experience with them. Some are more dangerous than others, so it’s best to check out their safety rating before buying them.

The best place to get nangs is online. There are many websites that offer a range of different brands, and you can choose your favourite. They are usually cheaper than getting them from a shop.

Are Nangs Safe?

Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, whippets, cartridges or nangs, is a colourless gas that is inhaled and mixed with oxygen through a small mask fitted over the nose. It has been used in medicine to provide sedation and pain relief for more than 150 years.

While it is a safe and effective medication, recreational use of nangs can be harmful and may lead to permanent neurological damage. This is why medical professionals are calling for tighter restrictions on the sale of nangs and other nitrous oxide gas cartridges that can be bought online and from convenience stores.

Laughing gas has been around for more than 100 years and has been used to provide sedation during childbirth and minor dental procedures. It has also been used as a food additive to make whipped cream and in the automotive industry to improve engine performance.

When a nang is inhaled, it creates a 20-second high and gives the user brief feelings of euphoria and floating. It also causes sound distortions and minor hallucinations which can be accompanied by blurred vision, difficulty breathing and loss of coordination.

It is a cheap and quick drug to get high on and can be purchased in gas cartridges, which are essentially small canisters of nitrous oxide. You can buy a pack of ten for $10 at most supermarkets or order a bulk amount from an online nang delivery service.

There is a concern that the media is promoting the use of nangs and other drugs to young people in a way that can normalise it. This has led to a rise in the numbers of teens using nangs, particularly among international students who are more likely to be able to afford them.

Nangs are very easy to access and are a popular drug with partygoers, especially during schoolies week on the Gold Coast. It is very affordable to get a large quantity of nangs from an online store, and there are also businesses that offer 24/7 nang deliveries for a small fee.

While the effects of nangs are a quick high and can be experienced in seconds, it is important to note that nangs are not processed by your body and less than 0.01% of the gas will be metabolised each time you have one. So it is important to breathe in and out of a balloon multiple times so that the majority of the nang will be absorbed into your lungs.