Best 5 International Schools in Kuala Lumpur

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High school, also known as secondary school, is of crucial importance in every student’s life. Classes starting from standard 9 to standard 12 are referred to as high school, including students in the age group of 14 to 18. While studying in high school, students learn to take responsibilities independently and start preparing for their future with seriousness to achieve their goals. Students undergo several changes during the high school phase, both physically and mentally, and their studies become more comprehensive.

The high school offers those essential skills to the students that bring together the social, emotional, and cognitive capacities of an individual to solve problems and achieve goals. These life skills play a significant role in a student’s success in school and life. A child must learn beyond academics than the conventional measures like taking a test and doing homework. 

Listed below are the top 5 high schools in Kuala Lumpur:

Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur 

Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur, is considered the best international school in Kuala Lumpur, offering pre-primary, primary and high school education. GIIS provides a dynamic high school curriculum to its students for achieving academic excellence. The experienced school faculty provides personalised attention and a learning environment for their overall development. The world-class campus infrastructure, modern classrooms, and other GIIS Kuala Lumpur facilities attract international students from different parts of the world.

GIIS Kuala Lumpur has earned the distinction of one of the best high schools, making it a preferred choice for parents and students looking for international and Indian schools. The high school education program at GIIS is designed to provide quality education to its students who can look forward to joining the leading universities across the globe after securing excellent grades. As an international community school, GIIS Kuala Lumpur provides a multilingual and multicultural environment for students of different nationalities to study together and build a collaborative spirit.

St. John’s International Primary and Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur

St. John’s International Primary and Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur, is well known for Malaysia’s academic excellence. Since its establishment in 2010, the school has grown into a diverse and vibrant community with students from 25 different nations. It is one of the prestigious privately funded international schools that has collaborated with the De La Salle Brothers in Malaysia, known for excellence in education. SJIS Kuala Lumpur enrols students from different cultures and backgrounds every year, and its newly built campus is equipped with modern classrooms and exclusive facilities. 

Besides sports and extracurricular activities, SJIS Kuala Lumpur focuses on STEM education used in their robotics, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence, and even 3D printing modules. The school is also accredited with ISO 9001-2015, meeting international education standards under quality management systems.

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur has carved out an outstanding reputation by balancing academic achievement with personal development. At BSKL, every student gets an opportunity to explore their potential through delightful and engaging learning experiences. They acquire the skills and knowledge set out in the English National Curriculum through a broad range of extracurricular and enrichment activities.

The teaching faculty at BIS Kuala Lumpur is UK-qualified and trained to impart a high standard of high school education to discerning students. The modern classrooms at BIS Kuala Lumpur are fitted with state-of-the-art technologies. The comprehensive curriculum ensures that students receive the best possible education and are prepared for the future. Students are groomed to develop into responsible citizens guided by time-tested principles like honesty, integrity, tolerance, and respect for others.

The International School of Kuala Lumpur 

The International School of Kuala Lumpur strives to offer students a unique educational experience through academic excellence and extracurricular opportunities designed to cater to students’ specific needs, interests, talents, and aspirations from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. ISKL Kuala Lumpur has built an outstanding international reputation in high school education by providing a unique learning experience to diverse students from different corners of the world. ISKL employs various communication methods using technology and parent conferences to promote effective two-way communication amongst high school students. High School timings at ISKL are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Each student is required to attend a certain number of classes during a five-day rotating schedule.

Kuala Lumpur has established itself as the Far East’s educational hub with some of the best international schools where students from different parts of the world enrol themselves for high school education. While choosing the right high school for your child in Kuala Lumpur, you must consider school campus infrastructure, teaching faculty, coaching facilities, counselling facilities, teachers’ guidance, and extracurricular activities.