Best Cutting Machines For Paper


Scrapbookers, biscuit bakers, cake decorators, metal clay and polymer clay artists, and even leather craftsmen are among the amateurs who have drawn attention to digital cutting machines. A punching machine is a helpful tool that allows craftsmen, designers, and craftsmen to create stunning cutouts, decorations, and other unique items.

For those who like to make cards, quilts, or scrapbook, this is a must. This device has several features that allow you to create masterpieces and give you a lot of ideas for paper crafting.

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Factors That A Cutting Machine Must Have

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best punching machine for your hobby or business. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Strength and Speed: You can’t sit back and wait for the machine to do its job, especially since you have a lot of them. You also need a quick and powerful punch. After all, you can’t afford to give orders with complicated designs because you lose revenue.
  • Easy-to-use controls: No one wants to waste hours searching the Internet for instructions on how to change the settings, so the software and machine control should be easy to use.
  • Commercial Usage: If you want to spend money on high-end cutting equipment, make sure you get your money. The product must be made of high-quality materials so as not to be easily destroyed.
  • Durability: Maintaining a cutting business is preferable to a craft hobby. Your machine should be designed for commercial use so that you can do extensive work and make money at the same time.

Top Cutting Machines For Paper

With hundreds of models and brands to choose from, it’s difficult to find a high-quality device that suits your needs. The best cutting machines with the highest user ratings are described in this article as the top die-cutters.

Circuit Joy:

The Joy is the newest member of the Cricut family and, with 1.75 kg, the ideal machine for creatives who want to be on the go. It’s a very small machine, and while it can’t do everything its big brothers and sisters (Explore 3 and Maker 3) can do, it stands out for what it can do – cut, write, and draw.

The Joy can cut up to 50 different materials, including vinyl, cardboard, paper, branches, and Cricut’s patented smart materials that do not require cutting mats. It has a small working area in terms of width, working only with 114 mm, but it can make continuous cuts up to six meters long with some materials.

Circuit Explore Air 2:

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a mid-range machine that can handle all the essential tasks as well as a few extras. It has a Bluetooth connection, which makes it easy to send projects to the machine, as well as storage for all the different tools. It can cut all forms of vinyl, all varieties of paper, and Cricut felt and faux leather, which is extremely close to the paper, with the bald endpoint.

The deep-tipped blade can be used to cut foam, cardboard, particleboard, and magnets. To cut fabric, you must first bind or interface the fabric before using the glued fabric blade. You can also draw on your project with pens.

Silhouette Cameo 3:

The Cameo 3 has the same software interface as the Curio, but when using the deep blade, it can only cut 2 mm. It also charges differently than the Curio by using mats instead of hard platforms, and while you can stop the machine, you can’t completely remove the cutting mat and load it to the exact spot. Instead, it’s a guessing game.

The cartridge can hold two tools at the same time, making it ideal for performing two tasks at the same time, such as sketching a drawing and cutting out an outline or other shape.

4.      Brother ScanNCut SDX85:

The famous printer manufacturer Brother has its electronic cutting machine, which complements the category by incorporating a scanner. Among other things, it can cut up to 3 mm of paper thick, cardboard, fabric, foam, and felt.

The scanner is somehow the star of the demonstration of this machine, as you can draw drawing drawings by hand, scan them, and then cut them from the machine in a matter of minutes. This function will almost certainly be the main factor in your decision to buy this product.


Each cube cutter has advantages and disadvantages. This also depends on the functions you need from your system. Some devices may have more features and options than you expect. Now you can purchase your desired cutting machines for paper.

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