The Electronics Market is a disruptive technology platform that impacts different sectors. It has transformed all facets of society. It provides the foundation for the digital revolution. There are many electronic markets in Pakistan, and the best one is Hafeez Center, located on Main Boulevard Gulberg III, Lahore. 

About Hafeez Center


Hafeez Center Electronics is a multi-level online store that offers various electronics, like speakers, CCTV cameras, laptops, headphones, and many more. 

Hafeez Center Online Shopping Service is hassle-free and easy to use. After creating an account, you can place your order. 

Hafeez Center is The Best Electronics Market in Pakistan

Outlook For The Best Electronics Market

This year, strong demand, higher prices, and new products will push the electronics sector to new highs. Extreme demand in the major end markets of the electronics industry should see sales increase this year, surpassing the High Sales mark for the first time.

Challenges And Keys To Expansion Of The Electronics Market In Pakistan

The Electronics Market In Pakistan has an important air current to ensure its growth. 

They Stand Out Among Them:

  • Its broad customer base (consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, industry, etc.).
  • Powerful long-term growth drivers (such as the increasing digitization of the economy).
  • The innovative nature of the industry is intensive in technology.
  • In the case of semiconductors, the product markets are concentrated, have high added value, and allow a high margin.

These strengths accompany the good progress of the industry. However, there are also challenges for the Electronic Markets in this new Era. 

While Among Others, We Can Highlight the following:

  • The essential Electronic components industry is affected by the fragmentation of the product markets and the scarcity of margins.
  • The saturation reached the main client sectors (smartphones, laptops, etc.).

Users With Their Brands

The more than Two Thousand responses from users allow us to find out which are the best brands of Electronics, which high-tech devices or appliances have the most satisfied users, and also which are the most reliable.

How They Help Us To Grow

The experience of our beloved consumers of electronic devices from all over Pakistan, who have participated in our latest survey on high-tech devices, allows us to determine which brands of technological devices have the most satisfied users. In many cases, satisfaction and reliability go hand in hand. The brands that break down the least that causes the least problems are the ones with the most satisfied users.

Changes In The High Tech Rankings

Our annual review of the satisfaction and reliability of electronic devices focuses this time on the Most Popular Brands in each segment. The users have responded to the survey; from them, we know that there are differences this year compared to previous occasions.

Top 10 Electronic Manufacturer Organizations

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Apple
  • Vivo
  • Nokia
  • Lenovo
  • Xiaomi
  • Microsoft

So What’s Next?

 Brands are also looking for ways to offer, which could become a new customer battleground. Meanwhile, when it comes to electronics strategies, the field of consumer electronics is worth keeping an eye on.


Hafeez Center closely follows the pace of the times, and innovation is the force that drives us to improve constantly. We use world-leading equipment and advanced technology and continuously optimize our production process to provide customers with the Best Electronic Products in Pakistan. We would work closely with you throughout the entire product development life cycle, from conceptual design and engineering to manufacturing, to enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace. 

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