Family law can be a sensitive and emotional area of law, involving complex issues such as divorce, child custody, and property settlements. Finding the right family lawyer to represent you can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. In this blog post, we will discuss why Best Family Lawyers Sydney stands out as one of the best family law firms in Sydney.

Experience and Expertise

Edwards Family Lawyers has over 25 years of experience in family law, making them one of the most experienced family law firms in Sydney. Their team of lawyers has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of family law, including divorce, property settlements, and child custody. They understand the complexities of family law and approach each case with a solution-focused mindset.

Client-Centered Approach

At Edwards Family Lawyers, their clients are their top priority. They take a compassionate and client-centered approach to all of their cases. They understand that every family is unique and that each case requires a tailored approach. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and goals and develop a strategy that is in their best interests. They keep their clients informed throughout the entire process and provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Awards and Recognition

Edwards Family Lawyers has been recognized as one of the leading family law firms in Sydney. They have received numerous awards and accolades, including being ranked as a leading family law firm in Doyle’s Guide and receiving a “Best Lawyers” award in 2021. Their reputation for providing exceptional legal services and achieving successful outcomes for their clients speaks for itself.


Finding the right family lawyer can be a daunting task, but with Edwards Family Lawyers, you can trust that you are in good hands. With their years of experience, client-centered approach, and recognition in the industry, they are undoubtedly one of the best family law firms in Sydney. Contact Edwards Family Lawyers today to discuss how they can assist you with your family law matter.