Best Golf cart rentals in Isle of Palms

Best Golf cart rentals in Isle of Palms

The ease of golf cart rentals is quite interesting since nobody loves to spend time. Golf carts make life much more straightforward, from navigating cities to discovering picturesque regions. They may be a little loud. It’s crucial to rent from a trustworthy firm that recognises the value of soundproofing. Fortunately, renting a golf cart in the Isle of Palms is a simple process. You’ll learn about some of the top possibilities in this post, and we’ll help you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

What to expect when renting a golf cart

Renting a golf cart is a great choice if searching for a non-foodborne method to navigate the Isle of Palms. What to anticipate while renting one is as follows: Golf cart rentals typically range from $20 to $40 per hour, and the island often has several possibilities. Golf carts are simple to drive and have a top speed of 25 mph. It’s crucial to be informed of Isle of Palms’ laws and restrictions if you want to use your golf cart primarily for leisure activities. Most significantly, golf cart drivers must obey all traffic regulations and are not permitted to drive on public roads or sidewalks. Additionally, no wildlife or conservation zones permit the use of golf carts. Contact us for golf cart rentals in Isle of Palms.

The types of golf carts available

On Isle of Palms, several different models of golf carts are available for hire. The most minor and most prevalent sort of golf cart is the first one, which is the basic golf cart. These carts have a tiny seats and have a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Electric golf carts are the second kind. These carts include a battery that drives the engine, allowing them to go up to 20 mph. They also cost more than regular golf carts, but they are faster and more comfortable.

The luxury golf cart is the third kind. Compared to other golf cart models, these carts have a bigger seat and more upscale equipment. Although they can go up to 30 mph, they are considerably more costly than other versions. You can relax when visiting Isle of Palms, knowing that all three golf carts include safety features, including seat belts and windscreens.

Golf cart rentals are available on the Isle of Palms for those who wish to take in the picturesque splendour of the island. There are drivers ready to show guests about the island, and the carts are accessible at a number of sites. Isle of Palms residents doesn’t need to hire a car because golf carts are a great way to go around town, see the sites, and appreciate the local environment.

Drivers are readily accessible all day, and golf cart rentals start at about $30 per hour. A classic golf buggy or an electric cart are the two options for visitors. The golf buggies are more comfortable and provide a more realistic experience while touring historic locations or taking in panoramic views. At the same time, the electric carts feature strong motors that make them quick and simple to use. Hermon. Enjoy your vacation on Isle of Palms regardless of the type of golf cart rental you select. There is nothing like driving through the beautiful environment and listening to the sound of the waves lapping against the coast.

Tips for safe driving

Here are some safety recommendations if you want to use a golf cart on Isle of Palms:
Wear your seatbelt at all times! In South Carolina, it is the law.
Drive carefully and pay attention to your surroundings. Golf carts are relatively modest and simple to overlook.
Crossing the street with caution is especially important at crossings. Golf carts can easily be struck by a car in a crosswalk since they move considerably more slowly than autos.
Avoid drinking and driving since golf carts are just as affected by alcohol as vehicles are.

What are the benefits of golf cart rentals?

If you’re looking for a fun way to get around Isle of Palms, consider renting a golf cart! With cart rentals available at most resorts, you can easily explore the island’s many attractions. Here are some of the benefits of using a golf cart:

  • You can cover more ground quicker than on foot.
  • Golf carts are easy to manoeuvre and allow for quick turns.
  • Golf carts make great transportation options for seniors and children.
  • They’re great for navigating narrow roads and trails.
  • You can use golf carts to visit multiple resorts on the island at once.

What are the different types of golf carts available?

A range of golf cart types is available for rental in Isle of Palms. Most people like the electric cart. Because they have an internal battery, you won’t have to worry about charging them. Since they are also quite stable, they are perfect for novice golfers. Rentable gas golf carts are also available. While they require a pump to fill up with petrol and are slower than electric carts, these carts are far more fun to drive and have a more fantastic range.

And last but not least, the pushcart. These are normally not advised for novice drivers, but if you have prior driving expertise, they may be a lot of fun. Although they’re sluggish and challenging to manoeuvre, they provide a singular sensation that few other golf gear provide.

How much does it cost to rent a golf cart?

We have a variety of golf cart rental options at Isle of Palms Golf Cart Rental to suit any price range. Our carts are available for anywhere from $30 per hour and $150 per full day. With so many options available, you may choose a golf cart rental that meets your requirements.

We also provide a broad range of cart models, such as electric and gas-powered carts. Our pedal carts are ideal if you want something a bit more conventional. 

Where can I find golf cart rental companies in Isle of Palms?

There are a few businesses that provide golf cart rentals in the Isle of Palms. Depending on the style of the cart and the area, prices start at around $60 per hour and rise from there. Carolina Cart Rental is a well-known provider of golf cart rentals. Their starting hourly charge is about $40, and they have sites all over the island.

Renting from Island Golf Carts may be a better choice for you if you want to explore more of the island. They provide a selection of carts, and their fees start at roughly $50 per hour.


Are you trying to find a way to navigate the Isle of Palms? Golf cart rentals are your best option! With costs starting at just $25 per hour, there are solutions for everyone, and these adaptable vehicles can transport you wherever you need to go. You may also easily meet all of your demands on the island with rental periods of up to 10 hours. Have you teed off yet? Order your cart right now!