Best Kinds of Backlinks for Your Website

Link Building Techniques for 2022 and Beyond


Anyone who wants to improve their SEO in 2022 should prioritise obtaining high-quality backlinks. However, not all backlinks are equal. Let’s look at the different types of backlinks available and what we recommend focusing on.

Wiki Back Links

Many people believe that Google doesn’t pay much attention to Wikipedia pages, so they think that theyshould not be used for SEO purposes. Google uses them to determine credibility and increase site rankings. Getting high-quality backlinks can be a precious resource for building them if you can get high-quality backlinks. This is best done by submitting a press release to one of the Wikipedia pages and asking bloggers or contacts for links to it.

Social Back Links

Backlinks were not as common in the early days of the web. When the internet was first created. Now people primarily focused on getting links from well-known web pages, and people tended to focus on links from sites already well-known on the Web (i.e., not from search engines). Web admins are now focusing on getting links from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus because of their increasing popularity. These links are easy to get and help you rank higher on Google. There are many ways to obtain them, and some are more difficult than others.

Niche Forum Comments Style Links

Forums are a great way to get backlinks from people with authority in their field and influence in the market. It is best to create a blog relevant to your niche, then submit content to the appropriate forums. Google may view spam posts as a negative thing.

Video & YouTube Links 

The concept of a video isn’t new, and Google has been able to use it to its advantage from the very beginning. It is essential to have backlinks that come from videos. These links can help increase your ranking and improve your SEO in 2022. You can make the most out of these backlinks by obtaining them from top YouTube channels within your niche.

Guest post (Contextual Links / In-Content) Links:

Guest post style links are among the most powerful and best ways to get backlinks and improve SEO over the long term. Simply write an article on a topic relevant to your niche and then submit it for publication to as many websites or publications as possible. It is essential to submit your articles to authoritative websites, and if experts in your field write them, it can help you improve your rankings.

This link building tactic is time-consuming as you are often writing the article yourself or doing a lot of manual outreach. Managed SEO services like this edmonton company can help you get guest post style links and handle all the blog writing and manual out reach for you. 

Press Release / Digital PR Links: 

Backlinks can be a great way to promote something you’re working on. Simply write a press release focused on a particular topic in your niche and submit it to as many publications as possible. It can help you improve your rankings over time. If experts in your field write them, this can also help your SEO.

Directory Submission Links:

Directories are a great way to build backlinks, and this is why companies and businesses often use them to improve their visibility and rank in search engines. It is important to keep in mind that Google doesn’t rank directories as highly as web pages. It is essential to focus on getting backlinks only from the most relevant sites in your niche.

Niche edits (aka link inserts)

To get backlinks from bloggers with authority in your niche, insert your link into existing articles they have written. These articles can be more valuable than guest posts if they have traffic and good metrics.

Don’t use these as an end all, be all. It looks fishy to search engines to have all your links coming from only niche edits. 

Image Links

It’s important to keep a diverse portfolio of links, and that is why links coming from images are just as important. 

Search engines use alt tags and different title tags to understand an image. As well, people might use the anchor text of an image to link to another page.

Getting image links is a great way to diversify your link portfolio.


We can conclude that it is important to have many backlinks to a website. Each link acts as an upvote in search engines, but some influence search engines ranking a bit differently. It is important to have many backlinks in order to create a natural link profile. 

We normally recommend 50% of your links come from a guest post style link as these are the most powerful and most organic style of link.

Thanks for reading. We hope this blog post gives you a good idea on what makes a good vs bad link.