Best Monsoon Treks In India


The monsoon season is one of the most beautiful times of year to travel since it allows you to see the full hues of nature while on your journey. Your spirit is treated to a narcotic by the sight of rich green hue combined with the earthy scent, whetting your hunger for even more. Even though there are many places where trekking in the monsoon would be difficult, the scenic beauty of the area would be well worth the effort of putting in the effort.

When it rains, the slopes are infused with lush vegetation, allowing hikers to take in spectacular vistas as they ascend. During the rainy season, the hills are at their most vibrant and colorful, thanks to the rich flora and lush grasses that cover them. During the monsoon season, the hills are seldom as picturesque as they are during this time. You will be captivated by the immense beauty of the picturesque monsoon Himalayan treks that take place during the monsoon season. You must, however, know where to visit.

Here is a list of the finest monsoon treks in India, ranked by popularity.

Triund Trek in Himachal Pradesh is a weekend trip that is characterized by the breathtaking views of the Kangra valley and the snow-capped Dhauladhar Mountain range that it offers. The hike from Mcleodganj to Triund top keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of city life while rewarding you with views of the Himalayas. It is one of the most popular treks among Delhiites and those who are traveling from Chandigarh, and it is a challenging one. Because it is more convenient to use these sites.

The Triund Trek Package commences at ten o’clock in the morning at our Mustache Mcleodganj hostel, followed by a half-hour orientation session. The three-mile camping trail travels on a well-paved road that passes among young Oak and Rhododendron trees and gradually ascends in elevation. Additionally, you will be able to observe several bird species while listening to the incredible chirping sound they make along the walk.

The most unforgettable element of the tour is the stunning sunset, which can’t be adequately described in any language. Capture the stunning image as the sun disappears into a sea of clouds, leaving only a brief ray of light in the sky to illuminate the horizon. Also, take a look at the entire sky, which is blanketed in a blanket of glistening starlight. It was a magnificent sight to witness and photograph.

  • Uttarakhand’s Valley of Flowers is a beautiful place to visit.

It is now at the top of my list of monsoon treks because of its tremendous beauty, which is recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The monsoon rains cast a spell over this valley, covering it with a vibrant bedsheet of flowers and creating a captivating spectacle in the process. The beautiful weather is a welcome addition to the multicolored landscape. You may usually find a variety of brightly coloured butterflies, birds, and animals such as Musk Deer.

6 Days is the duration of the course.

Difficulty level: easy

The elevation is 15,200 feet.

  • Pune’s Sinhagad Trekking Trail

Want to go trekking in the vicinity of Pune? Sinhagad is a hill castle that offers an incredible trekking experience as well as a wonderful picnic location. The breathtaking views of the dawn and sunset from this fort are well worth photographing. It also takes your breath away with a picturesque succession of mountains and hills. The monsoon season will make this site much more intriguing, since it would add to the lovely green scenery that it already has. With its frightening thunder sounds, the royal fortification also gives off the feeling of being a haunted Qila.

Two days are required.

Moderate levels of difficulty

The elevation is 4304 feet.

  • Kashmir The Great Lakes, as well as Jammu and Kashmir

Generally speaking, Kashmir is thought of as a region that is very chilly. Yet it really has a lot more wonderful secrets. It is possible to visit no less than seven alpine lakes on the Kashmir Great Lakes trip. Every lake is distinct and boasts of its own natural beauty, which is one of the most appealing aspects. If you go during the rainy season, your vacation will be much more remarkable.s Since all you will see around you will be lush fields covered with brightly coloured flowers. It’s intoxicating in its natural freshness.

8 Days is the duration of the course.

Moderate levels of difficulty

The elevation is 13,750 feet.

4690 feet above sea level

  • Trekking in Maharashtra’s Harishchandragad National Park

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to the breathtaking Western Ghats? However, you should not make the mistake of supposing that trekking. The Western Ghats is a piece of cake since the stretch of the Harishchandraghat walk known as ‘Cobra’s hood’. Is a difficult one. This is one of the most challenging monsoon treks in India, and it is rated as such. However, as the saying goes, difficult nuts have the finest flavor. When cracked, which is why here is the spot to go. You’ll be amazed by the photographic beauty of the valley and the Konkan Kada if you visit this location.

You may visit the Stone Age caverns (Kedareshwara caves), which have three broken pillars, according to which the world would. Come to an end if the fourth pillar breaks (as legend has it). So, why did you select to go on this hike during the rainy season? This is due to the fact that this location provides breathtaking scenery during the monsoon season. If you were to go cave exploring in the rain, you would feel comfortable and tranquil.

the duration is two days

Moderate levels of difficulty