Finding a place to live in Vancouver might be difficult. Prior to arriving and exploring more of the city, try to avoid settling down permanently in one place. Rental housing is readily available in Vancouver. It is worthwhile to stroll through desirable Vancouver neighborhoods and check for “For rent” signs. Some of the best areas to find students accommodation  Vancouver include:


UBC is frequently referred to be a city inside a city because it has its own hospital, a tonne of housing, delicious food, and shopping options. There are numerous things to do in this area, including visiting numerous tourist attractions like the Museum of Anthropology and the UBC Botanical Garden. With beaches and forest trails all within walking distance, it’s also a terrific area to live in if you like being outside. While UBC may be on the outside of the city, it’s well accessible to the rest of Vancouver by bus.

Point Grey

This wealthy neighborhood, which is a popular area for student accommodation, is just two 99 b-line stops away from the UBC bus loop. Several of Vancouver’s nicest beaches are located there, and it is also directly on the water.


Kitsilano, sometimes known as Kits by locals, is one of the most well-liked neighborhoods for students. Visit 4th Avenue and Broadway for fantastic shopping, delicious dining, and a variety of cozy cafes for studying. The Granville Island Public Market, where you can find some of the freshest meat, seafood, and produce in the city, is also only a short drive from Kits.

Housing Options


Dunbar residents can take a bus to campus in 10 to 15 minutes with ease. The Dunbar Theatre, a charming locally-owned movie theatre, as well as a number of shops, banks, grocery stores, and services, can be found in the neighborhood.


Another neighborhood that is well-liked by students is this one. Kerrisdale, which can be reached by bus from campus in 20 minutes, is home to Kerrisdale Village, which offers upscale shopping along 41st Avenue as well as all the essentials.


Evening life! Cafes! Shopping! Everything is present here. Kits are directly across the lake from Downtown. Take an express bus, and you may reach UBC in 35 minutes or less. Stanley Park, a sizable urban park of 405 hectares and home to old-growth trees, parks, and walking trails, is also not far from downtown.

South Granville

Express bus lines connect South Granville, which is south of Downtown and over the Granville Street bridge, to East Vancouver, the airport, and other areas of Vancouver with top-notch public transportation.

Compared to Downtown, it offers Student Accommodation Vancouver for rent which is a little more reasonably priced, along with a wide variety of bars and eateries. Granville Island, an island in the midst of the city with waterfront restaurants, theatres, galleries, studios, and a top-notch fresh food market, Granville Island Public Market, is only five minutes by bus from downtown and fifteen minutes by foot.

When considering where to live in Vancouver, its lovely streetscapes, diversity of amenities, close proximity to Downtown, and mix of high-rise and low-rise housing make it an appealing option.

Burnaby City

Vancouver neighborhoods, where to live, and where to find apartments to rent in Vancouver. The Brunette River at Burnaby Lake’s entrance. Its own city, Burnaby, shares a boundary with Vancouver to the east. In Burnaby, there are sizable ethnic and immigrant groups, just like in much of Greater Vancouver.

When looking for a place to live in Vancouver, it is very convenient to get to Downtown Vancouver through public transportation, and its lower rentals make it appealing. Burnaby is crossed by the SkyTrain rapid transit system twice, once from east to west. The Millennium Line follows Lougheed Highway, while the Expo Line travels down Kingsway to cross the south.

South Vancouver

The Marpole neighborhood in South Vancouver, which is further south than 49th Street and well-connected to public transportation along Oak and Granville St., offers affordable rental flats in Vancouver.

Compared to other Vancouver neighborhoods, this one is far more family-friendly. Because of this, there aren’t many bars or restaurants open. You receive larger bedrooms and gardens in return. Marpole can be a good option if you’re looking for a place to live in Vancouver for a group of people who want to rent a home with multiple bedrooms.