Online Game Streaming

Platforms for streaming video games are growing more and more popular since they allow users to see their idols and get tips on how to win their favorite games.

Gaming live streaming is essentially an activity in which someone streams their gameplay live to online users. Streamers must employ a live streaming platform or application that serves as a live broadcasting tool in order to broadcast their gaming sessions live.

Streamers can organize and set up their live streams using live stream programs so that their viewers would like to stream them. If you’re interested in giving it a chance, we suggest that you try WPC2027. There is a lot to do on the internet, and you may interact with other gamers and even the programmers of your favorite games. When you’re prepared to begin streaming, you should visit the website. We can conclude that it’s the best place to begin!

These platforms below have demonstrated the ability to both make a lot of people famous and become sources of money. Furthermore, its rich functions and user-friendly UI help viewers feel at ease while watching hours of streaming and put streamers at ease.

  1. Facebook online Game streaming platform

Facebook is a video game streaming site, comparable to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, where streamers may share live gameplay while communicating with viewers. Because it’s so simple to use and maintain, Facebook’s gameplay streaming platform is appropriate for all levels of gamers, but especially for newbies.


Additionally, you can increase audience reach with Facebook promotion techniques that are simpler and more useful. For instance, you can quickly add your live streaming link to a certain timeline or group each time you start streaming.


By doing this, users can view your streaming content right away as they browse their homepage. Facebook Gaming also offers free stars to viewers, who can use them to thank their favorite streamer.


Don’t you think it’s a fascinating feature?



  • You may reach a larger audience by easily integrating with numerous gaming leagues.
  • can effortlessly live stream from mobile and PC.
  • able to use Facebook Level Up to broadcast high-definition videos at 60 frames per second.



  • There is no customization and no interactive emoticons like on Twitch.
  • The user interface is unpopular with certain people.
  • Everyone has access to everyone’s real names.


Specifications for Facebook live streaming:

  • Operating systems: Server 2012, Windows 7 SP1, Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7 SP1. DirectX 11.
  • GPU: Products from the Kepler, Maxwell, or Pascal GPU generations are found in NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla, GRID, or GeForce products.
  • version 375.95 or later.
  • Nvidia Video Codec SDK 7.1, the SDK.


  1. Omlet Arcade


Omlet Arcade is one of the most popular mobile video game streaming platforms, and its new feature, Omlet Connect, makes it extremely useful. Streamers can combine their Android stream with a PC using this technology.


The free option for users to choose stream templates is another intriguing feature of this program.

Thus, streamers are spared the hassle of needing to build up their streaming interface or hiring a designer to make a unique streaming interface.


This tool is not only useful but also features a straightforward and user-friendly UI. Omlet Arcade on mobile and PC allows users to immediately choose the games they want to watch on the first page, filter undesired games, and do a lot more.



  • Quick and easy streaming across PCs and mobile devices
  • simple and convenient interface.
  • a lot of competitions featuring Omlet awards.



  • Numerous customers have complained that the Omlet Arcade app regularly freezes.
  • If the video is shorter than six minutes, it cannot be uploaded to a profile.
  • Due to a lack of moderation, this program is used by a large number of underage broadcasters.


Specifications for Omlet Arcade streaming:

  • Processor Intel Core i5-4670
  • Minimum operating system: Windows 7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • DDR3 graphics card as a minimum


  1. Nimo TV


Those who enjoy popular modern Android games like Mobile Legends and Free Fire are familiar with Nimo TV. As you can see, professional players frequently use Nimo TV to demonstrate their abilities and talents in the games they play.


Some notable players who use this specific gaming live streaming application include EVOS Rekt, RRQ VYN, Donkey, Emperor, Oura, and many others.



  • simple user interface with a dark background color.
  • All gaming genres, from mobile to PC, are covered.
  • Viewers can follow the most recent eSports competitions.



  • There is only the option for viewers to watch 1080p streaming.
  • Consequently, people with slow internet or those wishing to conserve mobile data may not enjoy viewing live streams of this program.
  • Some users reported a large number of bots, glitches, and AFK streams.
  • This program often freezes.


Specifications for Omlet Arcade streaming:

  • CPU: Intel I5
  • RAM: 8GB






So, there you have it—the video game streaming services that are profitable. Many individuals already use the applications mentioned above, so there is no reason to be hesitant to use them if you are just beginning your career as a streamer.


You are free to select the platform that best suits you, ranging from Facebook Gaming, which has a large community and makes it simple for you to reach a large number of viewers, and Omlet Arcade, which has advanced integration features.


All those platforms for streaming video games undoubtedly have unique features, benefits, and drawbacks that you can take into account. You can create a VoD or a highlight video with compilations of amazing gameplay if you want to pull in more fans. You can get more information about online game streaming with WPC2027.