Best pie in the sky karachi cake

pie in the sky Karachi

Karachi is a city that never sleeps. And that’s especially true when it comes to food. Whether you’re looking for an indulgent slice of pizza or a mouth-watering pastry, Karachi has you covered. One such restaurant that specializes in pies and cakes is Giftwrappers. Check out Gift wrappers for delicious cake options, including the Karachi Cake (chocolate with chocolate ganache and glaze), Strawberry Shortcake Pie (vanilla sponge, whipped cream, strawberry jam, and meringue on a graham cracker/sugar cookie crust), and Classic Blueberry Pie (fresh blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, and butter).”

Gift wrappers Karachi Cake

Best pie in the sky Karachi cake from Gift wrappers

The Pie in the Sky Karachi Cake at Giftwrappers is a heavenly looking creation, and it tastes even better! This cake is a combination of chocolate and coconut flavors, and it is absolutely delicious. It’s perfect for any occasion, and it makes a great gift too.

Description of the Gift wrappers Karachi Cake

Giftwrappers Karachi Cake is a mouth-watering cake that will tantalize your taste buds. The cake is made with simple and classic ingredients and is sure to impress anyone who takes a bite. The rich chocolate flavor of the cake is enhanced by the cream cheese frosting which gives it a delightful, creamy texture.

How to order the Giftwrappers Karachi Cake

If you are looking for the best pie in the sky karachi cake from Giftwrappers, then look no further! Our team of experts have hand-picked some of the most delicious and unique cakes that will definitely delight your taste buds! From chocolate to strawberry, we have something for everyone.

To order, simply browse our selection and select the cake that you would like to order. Next, click on the “Add To Cart” button and follow the instructions on the next page. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with any of our cakes!

Price of the Giftwrappers Karachi Cake

Karachi has a rich and varied culture that is on full display in the city’s many bakeries. One of the most popular and well-known amongst locals and tourists alike is Giftwrappers bakery, which specializes in Karachi cake – a type of pie made from layers of dough, filled with fruit or custard, and then covered in a sweet layer of flaky pastry. Prices for Karachi cake at Giftwrappers vary based on the size and complexity of the cake, but most examples run around Rs 350-400.

Customer reviews of the Giftwrappers Karachi Cake

The Giftwrappers Karachi Cake is one of the most popular pies in Karachi. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate or pumpkin, this cake is sure to please. According to customers, the cake is moist and flavorful with layers of chocolate and pumpkin goodness. One reviewer even said that it was some of the best pie she’s ever had!


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