As more and more of the world continues to make use of and rely on the internet, more and more businesses are also beginning to set up shop online. The problem that many business owners run into, however, is the fact that starting up or moving your business online has a steep learning curve.

This learning curve isn’t made any easier by the fact that a lot of rules, information, and tactics change within a short amount of time. Companies like Google and Facebook are constantly adapting to the changes in user behavior. Because of this, one process or strategy you might have learned yesterday could be obsolete by tomorrow.

If only there was a single eCommerce academy that housed all sorts of tutorials, tips & tricks, and updates about everything eCommerce.

More often than not though, you’ll find yourself sifting through various sources, looking for the most practical, digestible, and up-to-date information there is out there. If that’s you, then here are a couple of places we recommend you start searching.

The fastest way to get started learning more about eCommerce strategy and marketing is through blogs. Blogs are the easiest pieces of content to produce.

If you’re not sure which blogs to visit, the most obvious choice would be those that belong to eCommerce platforms themselves, such as:

1. Shopify Blog

2. BigCommerce Blog

3. WooCommerce Blog

You can also choose to visit blog that focus and specialize on delivering valuable eCommerce and digital marketing updates and content, such as:

1. A Better Lemonade Stand

2. HubSpot Marketing Blog

3. Neil Patel’s Blog

4. Genius eCommerce

If you’re more of a visual learner, then YouTube is your best friend. And because it’s owned by Google, YouTube operates pretty much like a search engine itself.

The best way to use YouTube as you undergo your personal eCommerce academy is to find videos on very specific topics and tutorials. If you’re stumped on some things that were mentioned in a blog post, for example, YouTube is a good way to supplement your learning by asking targeted and specific questions (especially if they’re software related)

One good way to supplement your learning if you’re on the go is through podcasts. Podcasts are great to listen to during your commute. So if you find yourself stuck in traffic or on the subway, for example, just put in some earplugs and listen to a couple of podcasts that tackle and discuss eCommerce and digital marketing topics.

Webinars & Online Courses
One of the fastest and easiest ways to get up-to-date with eCommerce marketing and strategies is to take an online course. Of course, this is also the most expensive option of the four. However a lot of online courses do have excellent curriculums. You just have to find the time to actually go through and finish them.

You Don’t Need To Learn Everything At Once
Right now you’re probably thinking that all this learning and studying just takes too much time and effort. It’s overwhelming!

Truthfully, the best way for you to quickly learn and grasp a subject is to tackle the topics that you’re currently having trouble with.

If you’re optimizing your website, for example, that’s the best time for you to dive into web design & optimization. If you’re trying to figure out Google and Amazon ads, then that’s the time to find resources on those topics.

Take it one step at a time.

Eventually you’ll find yourself repeatedly going back to specific blogs, channels, and podcasts that resonate with you. Once you have that list, then that can make up your entire eCommerce academy . That said, hopefully this article has helped you create some sort of plan for your eCommerce education.

If all else fails, though, remember that you can always delegate and entrust various aspects of digital marketing to the experts themselves.

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