There are primarily two causes for this. First, the majority of commercially available honey price in Pakistan  has likely undergone extensive cooking (possibly up to 165F – 73,89oC).

It melts the crystal, clears all impurities, and gets rid of all possibly dangerous microorganisms. Yes, it has an impact on the honey, bringing out a milder flavor and lighter hue. Second, the dealer may actually heat the honey in the case of tree honey in order to separate the honey from the beeswax. The honeycomb is probably heated to 145F – 62,78oC because the wax is melted and floats on top for easy separation.

Additionally, when the honey vendor cold presses the comb, less honey is extracted than when it is heated. The honey is impacted by this strong warmth. Heat extraction is the term for this extraction technique.

What is cold-extracted honey, exactly?

Agricultural honey is the only type of honey that can be cold-extracted because it can be withdrawn from the honeycomb without damaging it. The comb is kept in a wooden frame in the production of honey. A drum or other container is designed to hold a lot of honeycomb frames. In order for the wax to remain with the comb and be used again by the bees, as well as for the honey to retain all of its health advantages, the drum turns a wooden honey frame, either with an electric motor or manually, tossing the honey out.

Let me start by mentioning that the trip I took with Honey was not simple.

In the twenty-first century, it is getting harder to find things that are “organic.” In some manner, everything is processed. Along with other things, we lost organic honey. I’m Bashir Khan, a software engineer who loves organic food and wants to start my own business. The goal of My Honey was to bring the best pure, organic, and natural honey to people’s homes.

our ancestors

Our Elders have ten years of experience distributing honey to Emirates nations by shipping it over the oceans. They have extensive knowledge of honey. While we can give Pakistanis honey, our elders can judge the honey’s quality. The voyage of My Honey began here.

There were several challenges when I first started My Honey. The hardest obstacle was first and foremost earning people’s trust. The internet (E-Commerce) industry in Pakistan is growing quickly, as are the frauds that plague it. Because we want to earn people’s trust, we provide a money-back guarantee up to the last spoon.