Best Sexologist Debunks Myths about Women’s Sexuality

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ePeople not only want to enhance their appearance and beauty. But they also wish for perfect intimacy. When their organs did not function perfectly. Then they suffer from many issues. Sexual activity is a necessary aspect of human life and the source of reproduction. It provides delight and fulfillment while also relieving tension. But, if there are issues with executing Sexologist activities. They might have long-term negative consequences, particularly for men. Married couples are obsessed with intimacy issues. And they have a negative impact on their relationship. It can also damage your self-esteem. You must consult with the Best Sexologists in Dubai about your sexual problems. They can assist you in overcoming any issues. And also leading a happy and healthy sexual life.

Who Is A Sexologist?

The person who can fix your sexual problem and pregnancy issue. It is an interdisciplinary scientific study of human sexuality. Including sexual behaviors, interests, and functions, is known as sexology. A trained practitioner who specializes in human sexuality is known as a “sexologist.” A sexologist can operate in a variety of locations and fields. Including clinical settings, education, and research. If you have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and loss of libido. They can also treat sexually transmitted diseases, and so on.

Who Are The Candidates For The Treatment?

Both men and women might seek the help of sexologists. If they are experiencing problems in their sexual interactions. The following are the prime conditions in which you need to consult with them:

  • Nothing works when you try your hardest to make your lover happy in bed.
  • You want to do it if you can’t strengthen your physical relationship with your lover.
  • When you are experiencing unpleasant sex with your partner.
  • If you and your partner are both dissatisfied and unhappy.
  • You should see a sexologist to enhance your physical link.
  • If you’re having painful sexual encounters.
  • Applicants are having trouble turning each other on.
  • Candidates with no orgasms or an insufficient erection.
  • Men suffer from ejaculatory problems.
  • If you no longer find penetrative sex amusing.
  • If one of you or both of you are dealing with psychological issues.
  • Lacking a stronger physical link.
  • If dissatisfaction with sex leading cause of divorce and separation.
  • If females are experiencing urinary and bladder issues,

What Are The Problem And Solutions?

There are many problems in male and female functioning. We will walk you through the causes and treatments of sexual problems.

Erectile Dysfunction

In this disease, the person’s organ is unfit for sex and the erection is unfit for sexual intercourse. It causes a person to become impotent for a short period. Often referred to as impotence and no erection at all.


Sometimes people have the illness continuously and need therapy. This condition can happen because of many causes. Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stress, and anxiety are the major reasons. But depression, drug use, alcohol intake, and nerve damage can also cause this issue.


This problem can be cured with medications, it depends on the condition. If these medications are effective for your issue. Then you will have to continue them until they heal completely. Once they have determined the exact origin of the ailment. When stress is the cause of erectile dysfunction, there are various treatments available. In that situation, the applicant must visit a psychologist.

Low Libido

a condition in which a man has lost interest in sexual activity. It is a common issue in this day and age. Because individuals are so busy with their job lives. If a person’s libido is low for an extended period. It’s time to contact a doctor.


There are many causes of the problem that affect individuals. Including low testosterone levels, stress, and worry. Sometimes depression, exercise, and drugs can cause low libido. Because the primary cause of this problem is tension.


If you have a low sexual drive, you have several therapeutic choices. Sexologists will prescribe drugs to treat this problem. In some circumstances, your doctor may also recommend therapy. If you have testosterone-related issues, testosterone replacement therapy may also be performed.

Penis Enlargement

Some people are born with little penises and struggle with self-esteem. They want to increase the size of their penis. They want to enhance their confidence and satisfy their sexual intercourse experience. With many treatments, it is now possible to improve the size of your penis.


There are many methods that can improve and grow the size of the male sexual organ. Medication and surgery are among the therapies available. The procedure depends on individual needs. So a therapist can decide the best course of action after finding out your expectations.

Night discharge

It is an ejaculation during sleep that happens because of sexual dreams. It does not only happen to teenagers and young adults. But maturing can be influenced by it becoming less common. Because it can also bother them if it becomes routine for adults. But there is no need to worry, it is also treatable.


Night discharge can happen because of seminal vesicles that are full of sperm. So, if there is no sexual activity, the testis produces sperm 24 hours a day and becomes full. It can also refer to excessive porn consumption. But the best way is to treat the problem until it exceeds the limit.


Your sexologist can assess you and determine the best course of action for you. Some drugs and some lifestyle adjustments can be beneficial. Your doctor will also diagnose the problem. And they will make sure there is no underlying problem causing the issue.

Premature Ejaculation

Another issue with sexual intercourse is when male partners ejaculate too soon. This issue can lead to female sex dissatisfaction. It might lead to uncomfortable situations and a loss of confidence. There is nothing to worry about if it occurs only once in a blue moon. If it persists for a longer period, it’s time to contact a doctor.


There are many things contributing to this issue. These include stress, depression, and interpersonal problems. This problem can occur because of early sexual experiences and sexual abuse. It also happens because of erectile dysfunction. Hormonal issues and inherited factors can also play a role.


There are lots of treatment options for premature ejaculation. Your doctor is the best person to determine what is best for you. Your sexologist will prescribe some medications. To get the desired results, you must use counseling, behavioral approaches, and drugs.

What Is The Cost Of The Treatment?

The cost of the best sexologist in Dubai is very low. The expenses of the procedure are not fixed because they depend on many elements. So, everyone needs different treatment for unique problems, and that’s why costs vary. The following are the key factors that can alter the expense of the treatment:

  • The experience of the doctor plays a role.
  • The geographical location of the clinic can affect the expenses.
  • The need for the applicants.
  • The condition of the problem.
  • The selection of the procedure.