Best STP Packers With Packing Underwears That Ensures Basic Needs

Best STP Packers
Best STP Packers

When we start finding the STP packers from the best STP Packers list of multiple prosthetics companies, we would like you to buy one for us. We also think like you. At this time, there are very few ways to find the packing device on one page.

Today we would share the best STP packers and we made a list of which packing devices are good for you. These may help both of us. There are some good packers who are really good and budget-friendly. We share different types of packers and gears that are suitable for your life.

What is an STP packer?

An STP Packer is a urinating device that is used throughout the urine in front of public or private toilets through silicone prosthetics. It represents masculinity. STP packers can be of different types. There are two types of packing gear are available for transgender men. 1. Ftm packers, 2. Stand to pee prosthetics.

FTM packers are used to packing and it looks very natural. Most of the trans guys use FTM packers. It keeps away the dysphoria from the bottom.

Stand to Pee Prosthetics

Stand-to-pee prosthetics is normally known as urinating device or STP device. It’s used for urinating and packing. Some stand to pee prosthetics had 3-in-1 functions. The three functions are pee, play, and pack.

However, Adhesive Packers is also popular. Most trans guys are using adhesive STP packers for packing and peeing. We have shared the most realistic Adhesive packers.

We made some research regarding the STP packers. Most of the packers aren’t good for us. We found some products which are not worthy and even good for our body. So, we made the Best STP Packers List for Trans & non-binary & others. There we also include the packing underwear. The packing underwear is good for regular use. Basically Packing underwear makes our packer stay in our bottom part. Without having it, the packer can’t be attached to our body.

According to our research, the best STP packers is

  • Axolom Thinker

  • Axolom Knight

  • Mrimin Ultra Realistic Packer

  • Mrimin Adhesive

  • Transguysupply XL Packer

  • Axolom Handy

  • Emisil GoldFinger

  • Axolom Squire ( Small Packer)

  • Peecock Gen4 5.5 Inches

  • Freetom Prosthetics

These are the most popular STP packers on our list. Most trans guys don’t have any idea how to pack a packer with underwear or How to stand to pee with an stp packer. In these cases, we highly recommend the “Transman” Youtube channel. They share packing-related videos with us.

According to our research, the best packing underwears or Ftm Harness are:

  • Axolom STP Jockstrap

  • Axolom Trunks & Boxer

  • Cake Bandit Button Underwear

  • Cake Bandit Harness

  • Peecock Comfort Harness

  • Peecock Miracle Harness

These packing gears are good for packing a STP packer. You can make harnesses or custom underwear at home. It’s not so hard. Just need to understand how to pack it easily. That’s it.

Thanks for your interest. We hope you’ll get the right products from us. We would love to share it. Feel free to share this article with your friends Read more