The Android and iOS stores are too app-packed for us to cover all your choices here, so we just picked a few of our favorites.
It may not have as many users as its social-network rival Facebook, but Twitter is better at covering breaking news.
You can follow news sources, check out trending stories, and configure push alerts straight to your phone.
Adjust these settings by going to the Notifications tab and then tapping the cog icon on the top right of your screen.
To see alerts when a major story is breaking, turn on Push notifications by toggling the switch next to it, scroll down, and—under the From Twitter subhead—check the box next to News.
Twitter is free for Android and iOS.
Tell Flipboard about the topics you want to stay up to date with, and it will create a gorgeous personalized digital magazine for you. FT receptionist needed for busy medical and sports medicine office in Edwards.
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Apple News also offers a widget, which you can add to the Today View screen.
To configure it, swipe right from your home screen and scroll to the bottom.
Tap Edit, then the plus icon in the top left corner of the screen.
Tap the News widget, then select Add Widget.
Plus, when it pulls articles from the web, they appear without all of the usual advertising and extra material attached.
The aforementioned share icon also lets you share both your curated news magazine and individual stories with your friends.
Flipboard is free for Android and iOS.
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