Blue World City Islamabad Features

Blue World City

The Gated Community:

Blue World City is a secure community. The entire procedure has been designed to ensure that society is safe and secure for its participants and citizens. We believe in creating small-scale communities of close-knit communities where everyone is familiar with each other, and there’s no room for any illegal or obscure activities.

Identification Gate Entry Systems:

The vehicles that can enter the community and individuals have been monitored to ensure security concerns. Each car is identified by house numbers and e-stickers that will ask security questions from unidentified vehicles or carriages. What security measures will be in place all the time? The security of your estate must be the priority.

Broad Roads that have a dense, well-constructed infrastructure:

The roads of The Blue World City also make the project more valuable. The Blue World City will have a stunningly constructed road system connecting the various aspects of society. The main boulevard in the town will extend 120 feet. The main streets will be greater than 80 feet in width. The roads are expected to measure 40 feet in width. This is quite a size for a society that is low-cost, as most companies don’t provide sufficient infrastructure for low-income communities.

It’s just an hour’s drive from the M-2 Motorway:

If you’re considering purchasing a house in this area to be close to the mountain stations and those in the mountains, then you’re in luck. The homes are located near the M-2 highway, and as such, you’ll be able to connect quickly to other towns in Punjab or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This lets you take advantage of the benefits of living in a city and enjoy the peace of a country home.

The Proximity to New Islamabad Airport:

The ease provided by New Islamabad Airport allows the residents to reach the world and the entire country in a matter of minutes. If there is an urgent flight or we must meet passengers at the terminal, their travel time will be minimal. This is just one of the advantages of owning an apartment in the ideal place.

E-Tag System:

As a third security measure, we will also be able to install e-Tag systems. The residents won’t have to take the time to carry out security checks before getting to the entry point. The e-Tag system has also proved beneficial in previous projects within the Blue Group of Companies. We’ve decided to use the same method for this project. We’ll enhance the technology available to residents and those who make the most of their investment. These are huge assets for your property and land within Blue World City Islamabad.

The largest theme park with water in Pakistan:

We are excited to announce that we are developing an area that will include thrilling water rides, slides and waves, waterfalls made of volcanic rock, special water pools geared towards younger kids, and water skiing. It is an original Pakistani water theme to be international in its scope.

Health Services 24 hours a day with an Ambulance

Medical emergencies can strike anytime, so we’ll give our clients exceptional healthcare services 24/7. You can live in peace regardless of the situation since you’ll be able to get the top solutions within entrances at Blue World City. It is not necessary to travel far away from your home.

The Sector, as well as Jamia Mosques:

Every region must have access to a proper Jamia Mosque. Blue World City is an international standard society dedicated to Muslim traditions and is committed to their religion. The aim is to give visitors the convenience of accessing mosques; there’s the main Jamia Mosque and other mosques.

Blue Mosque:

The most distinctive aspect of our architectural style and a social housing system that is a society for housing in Pakistan is that we’re pleased to own the replica or model of the mosque of the Turkish Blue Mosque, formerly known as the Haya Sophia. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is an integral part of the city of Istanbul. The Blue Mosque will be a visual and spiritual treat for all who live in Istanbul, which is the Blue World City.

Parks & Jogging Tracks:

We’re well conscious that it is important to maintain health and fitness. Everyone should not be thinking about finding fitness centers far from their homes. So, we offer wellness and health centers close to your home. In addition to the spa and health centers, there is access to the area’s parks and running tracks. You can run and exercise without worry and enjoy your loved ones in the park.

Play Area & Mini Golf Club:

Housing societies offer more than an apartment to live in. It’s all you need for the best living experience. Who will be able to enjoy the benefits of a reputable country club in The Blue World City? We offer a play area as well as a Mini Golf Club for the residents who are active and social. It can inspire a love for community and outdoor activities. It’s an excellent choice for people who appreciate luxury.

Blue Mart Department Store Chain:

We have perfected our goal of selling, which is why Blue Group of Companies brings its own Blue Mart Department Store Chain inside Blue City World. There is everything you need in only a few steps from your house. The distance you can walk through shows that the style in Blue World City is made to accommodate modern living, so you needn’t go out of the city to get just a few items.

Underground Electrical Wiring:

We believe in aesthetics. That’s why we’ve ensured that all of our wires are underground. So, no cables or transmitters will be exposed, giving Blue World City a very English design and style.

Personal Electric Supply and Unit:

To provide the best living experience possible in Pakistan, we are establishing our electricity supply system and an industrial facility. This is an important step toward creating a load-shedding-free zone. This is a major requirement in Pakistan. If you’re planning to enjoy a lifestyle that doesn’t depend on load-shedding, look into moving toward Blue Water City.  A power supply throughout the day could make this a society of the most sought-after places to live in and increase property value by ten times.

Sewage treatment plant:

In contrast to other sectors, we’ve focused on issues at the municipal level with complete clarity. We’ve covered all requirements and will guarantee the quality of services similarly. To do this, society would be provided with the necessary facilities for wastewater disposal.

A plant that filters water:

Bottled water is usually expensive, and, to ensure all our customers have fresh and safe water to wash, shower, cook, clean, and shower, we have installed a water cleansing and filtering process. This means that there will never be food that has been frozen or damaged or laundry.

Oxygen Park and lake:

The effort needed has been made to ensure that the living standard within Blue World City Islamabad is of the highest quality. In this sense, we have created an original and unique Oxygen Park and Lake System. The aim is to provide recreation as well as to promote healthy, healthy living. The parks can positively influence communities’ development and offer networking opportunities to benefit the community.

3-D Imax Cinema

We want to present the most luxurious living and entertainment for residents in Blue World City. This includes the most advanced technology and entertainment options not available in the region. With the 3D IMAX cinema, we’re hoping to fill that gap lacking the best and most luxurious experience in this area, far away from the hustle and bustle in the cities.

Adventure Park:

It will also be in a position to start an adventure club to help the community and develop future leaders. The club will be responsible for creating a range of adventure activities, including horseback riding, bungee jumping, dirt bicycle paragliding, parachuting, and walking. It will take advantage of the journey to Margalla hills, which is located in the ideal spot.

Safari zoo:

Society will bring back the enjoyment of being out in the wild outdoors in the safest method. The zoo will have animals roaming free. They will live in the wild, but they will be in a safe and secure setting. The animals and birds are extremely clever and come from across the globe to offer a unique experience.

Spa and water clubs:

Another luxury that will extend to the lucky occupants of the houses of this community will be its temperature-controlled freshwater pools and spa club. Spas are a great way for healing purposes as well as for relaxation. This enhances the region’s living conditions and the mental health of each person.

Police Station:

We’ll be able to have an efficiently equipped police station within the gate of the community to keep crime and keeping the activities of the bar under control. The aim is to ensure that disciplinary procedures are in place and that the crime rate stays within the bar at a reasonable amount. We believe in establishing a law-abiding environment. That’s the very first thing to that goal.

40-bed Hospital:

The on-site health center, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensures that residents live safely and securely at all hours of the day. Doctors and nurses are certified to provide the most superior healthcare possible and the best quality healthcare anywhere in the world.


Blue World City Blue World City can feature an authentic top-quality Chinese restaurant run by genuine Chinese chefs. This will ensure that Chinese city dwellers get the complete experience of being at home. This can enable them to eat comforting and high-quality meals at once.

Other restaurants with a high-end style can provide fine fast-food restaurants that serve dining and local cuisines as well.


The surroundings you live in can have a major impact on your daily existence and the quality of your social life. So, we’ll ensure that our society’s peace and peace are well-maintained.

Contemporary Amenities:

We always strive for an enhanced future and an enlightened and prosperous present. To help, we’ve made available all the modern-day conveniences that are admired worldwide to make it simpler for you to use.

Elegant and Affordable:

Blue World City provides a more modern and trendy urban style than Taj Residencia and Park View City. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience for people from Pakistan.


There’s been an ongoing fight to supply essential services and utilities like electricity, gas and cable T.V., and internet and mobile signal to the area. We’ve reached this stage to ensure future residents their investment right from the beginning of the process and the very beginning.