The range of body-contouring alternatives available on the market is increasing. With the introduction of new techniques comes a bewildering array of jargon and words that might be difficult to understand. We are here to help you understand the cacophony of “ultrasounds,” “radio waves,” and “non-invasives” when it overwhelms you. 

At our locations in Dubai, we go through your best alternatives with you during your in-person consultation. Also, give you guides like this one that breaks down the distinctions between our most well-liked procedures. Here, we clarify the BodyTite liposuction in Dubai for you.

What Is BodyTite?

Unwanted fat deposits are removed from the body with Bodytite liposuction, an invasive process. Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) is a technique used in Bodytite liposuction in Dubai that uses radiofrequency radiation to heat the target region. 

The accumulated fat melts at a high temperature. Surgeons used high radiofrequency radiation on fat cells. That destroys the fat cells. A tiny cannula is then used to remove the liquefied fat from the body. Bodytite liposuction in Dubai is particularly helpful. Since it shapes the treated region and tightens the skin as well.


You must be the perfect patient to get a bodytite liposuction in Dubai, while both men and women are eligible. You ought to use it if your stomach is sagging and loose.

  • Skin allergies shouldn’t be an issue for you.
  • You have belly stretch marks.
  • Exercise has little effect in reducing stubborn fat.
  • if your abdominal muscles deteriorated while you were pregnant.
  • Your general health is quite good.
  • About the outcome of the treatment, you are realistic.
  • You desire a flat stomach to boost your confidence.
  • Nonsmokers who are in good physical shape and are not smokers make the best candidates for a procedure.

Gaining Confidence Through BodyTite Liposuction

It will improve a patient’s physical appearance and remove extra fat, which will raise their sense of worth and self-confidence.

Enhanced Contours

Plastic Surgeons enhanced the general body form of a patient. They focus on isolated fat pockets in the body that interfere with contour.

A Healthier Lifestyle

As it is not recommended that patients gain more than 5-10 pounds after their BodyTite liposuction in Dubai, the treatment is a strong motivating factor to ensure that they adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Lasting Results

The results of a procedure are permanent, providing that patients follow their post-operative instructions.

A Healthier Way Of Life

The process acts as a powerful motivator to ensure that patients embrace a better lifestyle. because it is not advised that patients gain more than 5-10 pounds following their surgery.

Long-Term Results

If patients diligently follow their post-operative recommendations, the results will be permanent.


The surgeon will advise you to make the following preparations in the weeks preceding your procedure date to guarantee a successful bodytite liposuction in Dubai:

  • Patients should quit smoking for two weeks before the surgery and for two weeks thereafter. Smokers will need more time to heal and are more likely to experience difficulties.
  • Patients must stop using aspirin or any medicine containing aspirin two weeks before to their treatment.
  • Patients need to avoid eating and drinking six hours before surgery. However, little sips of water are OK.
  • Stay out of the sun two weeks before your procedure. Sunscreen can help you do this.


You can relax in the office area while you wait for a surgeon or one of our nurses will attend to you. You will be given the opportunity to sit or lie down once you are in the treatment area. The region where you will be undergoing treatment will be covered with an anesthetic gel by the surgeon or nurse practitioner. This gel not only lessens the discomfort you may feel, but it also stops the radio frequency rays from damaging your skin. It might feel a little chilly to the touch.

By using these radio frequencies to generate heat, the probes break down fat cells, stimulate collagen production, and cause the skin to tighten and shrink. The unwanted fat is precisely targeted by the currents. It warms the fat cells, which makes them enlarge and solidify, making them easier to get rid of.

The surgeon will use a small tube to suction out the extra, warmed fat after using the RF radiation. The advantage of this process is that the skin-firming effect is thought to be superior to anything currently on the market that has been FDA-approved. Each region takes between 30 and 45 minutes to handle individually. The process might take anywhere from one to three hours for people who want various locations treated.


Following your bodytite liposuction in Dubai, you must relax at home for five to ten days. To promote healing and maintain your new form, wear a compression garment on the treated regions. Some benefits may be noticeable immediately, but your outcomes won’t become obvious for 3 to 6 months. Until the edoema and inflammation have subsided. After your treatment, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy, stable weight.

What Is The Price Of Bodytite Liposuction?

Depending on the degree of sagging, the number of treatments required, the reputation of the clinic and its staff, and the location of the clinic in Dubai, the cost of a Bodytite Liposuction in Dubai can range from AED 700 to AED 3000.

Does BodyTite Experience Any Downtime?

Depending on the number of body parts treated, the recovery period following BodyTite is modest, with the majority of patients returning to their regular activities in five to seven days. After the treatment, you should avoid exercise for around two weeks, and there won’t be any bruising or swelling.

Can A Large Amount Of Fat Be Removed?

The deepest layers of fat, those that surround and protect your important organs, cannot be safely removed because there are restrictions on how much fatty tissue may be taken out at one time (which can amount to quite a bit of your fat). How much fat can be eliminated will be recommended to you by the plastic surgeon. Remember that this process is not meant to be a weight-loss aid. A leaner silhouette is the target. You might not see a big amount of weight reduction because fat weighs less than water, but you should still be happy with your new, smaller look.

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