Boffins reveal reasons for faking it, Why do women fake orgasms and how can you tell? 


Climax is seen as the pinnacle of sex, but with the pressure of getting there, many women have admitted to faking their orgasm. New research reveals why

Most believe achieving an orgasm is the end goal to sex. But, for many women, this is not always as easy as it sounds.

Orgasms can be a complex process, and a combination of work pressures, family stress and body issues means reaching the Big O isn’t always guaranteed.

New research from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary has found a significant number of women pretend to orgasm during sex.

Researchers found these women often feel insecure as they may be deemed “abnormal or dysfunctional” for not reaching climax.

Boffins came to this conclusion after surveying 360 women who struggled to orgasm.

The heterosexual and cisgender women from Hungary answered an anonymous online questionnaire to better determine their sexual response, whether fake or not.

Of all the women surveyed, shockingly every one had reported faking an orgasm at some point.

By faking their orgasms, women reported making corresponding sounds including heavy breathing, appropriate moaning and gasping.

Some even go as far as imitating body spasms and twitches.

“The associations between orgasmic difficulty and faking orgasm, and between relationship satisfaction and faking orgasm, are both direct and indirect,” the researchers wrote.

They added: “The primary motive was the insecurity about being perceived as deficient or abnormal.”

How many women fake orgasms?
Previous research has also found that women are far more likely to fake orgasm than men.

One 2009 study published in the journal of Sex Research looked at college students and whether these women ever faked orgasm.

According to the research, around 50% of the women stated that they had pretended to reach climax.

Why do women fake orgasms?

Whether doing it just the once, many times or every single time they have sex, the reason for faking it can be down to a number of factors.

These can range from being too tired, bored, too intoxicated or simply wanting sex to end quicker.

There are also a number of psychological reasons as to why a women may do this, ranging from reducing shame and embarrassment, to avoiding their partner feeling incompetent or potentially avoiding unwanted conversation.

Unfortunately, most men are none the wiser to this fakery as it is not always easily noticeable if a woman has climaxed or not.

As opposed to men, who usually release sperm upon climax, women don’t give any obvious signs they have reached the Big O.

“Although orgasmic difficulty in women is related to both higher levels of insecurity and concern about their partner’s self-esteem, it was the former motive – derived from their own feelings of insecurity – that was most strongly associated with their greater likelihood of faking orgasm,” the researchers added.

“In other words, they faked orgasm because they were more concerned about being perceived as abnormal or deficient than they were about their partner’s sense of satisfaction and/or esteem.

“This conclusion – demonstrated empirically in this analysis – is supported by a number of other studies that have argued that women may fake orgasm as a way of concealing their orgasmic difficulty, as well as avoiding the associated feelings of shame, embarrassment, and failure during partnered sex.”