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No matter what you sell, your packaging should resonate with your customers. Therefore, it is essential to consider the colors used, the most appropriate font, the size and placement of the logo, etc. Remember, usability is also part of the design. Of course, you want your packaging to look good, but you don’t want your customers to be frustrated when they open it. A beautiful and functional packaging design for things like gift card boxes can help increase sales. So, let’s cut to the chase and consider how we can make the most of packaging design.

Why Packaging Design Matters?

An eye-catching design can differentiate your product and shape the overall customer experience. Design can tell your story and show what makes you unique. Different design elements appeal to other people.

To grab a customer’s attention in 8 seconds, your design should quickly convey what you want them to know and feel.

Consider color. Color plays one of the most significant roles when talking about design elements. Color conveys the atmosphere and can attract or repel customers. When considering packaging design, look into color psychology (yes, that’s right).

Are You Looking for a Specific Emotion for Your Packaging?

Here are some of the emotions these standard colors evoke when used in branded products

  • Yellow is a happy, cheerful color.
  • White is pure and clean.
  • Black represents authority, elegance, and mystery.
  • Red is associated with excitement and passion.
  • Orange is associated with creativity and adventure.
  • Green is associated with nature and tranquility.
  • Blue can represent calm, peace, and loyalty.
  • Basics of Packaging and Box Design
  • Basics of Packaging Design

First, you need to know what your product is.

Your design must consider what you are selling. Consider the size and shape of your product and whether it is fragile or perishable.

Next, Consider Who Your Ideal Customer is

Conservative pensioners may not want a bold design, while young hipster teens won’t be happy with a soft, stiff arrangement. Remember: it’s about the customer, not you. You may love red, but will your customers find it too bold?

Now Comes the Fun Part

How to make your packaging design attract new customers and retain existing customers? Start with research style.

Walk around your choice’s grocery or department store and think about what kind of packaging catches your eye. You might be drawn to a specific mood, such as bright colors, unusual boxes, or retro fonts.

Pinterest is also a great place to find inspiration. Take a look at the box designs your competitors are using. Do you think they work? Of course, you won’t copy someone else’s plan, but researching your competition can improve your creativity.

Start With The Correct Custom Box

Use all sides of the box if possible. You don’t know how your boxes will stack up. It can be stored on the side. So, if you put your name on it, it will stand out. Sideways are a great place to reinforce your brand presence, including your location, website, and social media URLs.

Dust covers (small cardboard panels on either side of the lid) are another little element that adds style. Why not fill this area with a brand’s color or pattern? Something as simple as using color inside a box can add interest and enhance the customer experience.

It’s a delicate balance. You don’t want to irritate your customers with too much color or information. On the other hand, you also don’t want to leave unnecessary space.

It’s a delicate balance. We don’t want to overburden customers with too many colors and messages. On the other hand, you also don’t want to leave too much space.

Make Your Logo Stand Out

Your logo is one of the most critical elements that differentiate you from your competitors. You put a lot of thought into designing your logo and want it to stand out on your box or packaging.

There are several ways to make your logo stand out on custom boxes, with different price points.

One decision to make is what scale to use. If you choose the printed box, you can select the packaging logo or a continuous design on the side of the box. Plus, you might like a logo that’s wholly bleached from start to finish.

If money is tight, you can still print your logo on the box without having to put it on the box. Stickers and large stamps are inexpensive but effective branding options.

Packaging Design is Not Just About the Outside of the Box

They want the entire customer experience to continue in the box. It can be achieved by continuing the brand design elements used externally. Transferring graphics from the outer box to the inner box is another high-value option. Using the reverse side of the external pattern is also an effective method.

However, branding the inside of the box doesn’t have to cost money. Something as simple as a branded colored tissue, ribbon, or a simple thank you card can make a big difference.

Practical Aspects

Design is not just about beauty, as practicality is equally essential. Compliance issues need to be considered. Do your employees spend a lot of time boxing and shipping? If so, you may need to review and simplify your packaging. After all, time is money.