Bridgewater Sri Venkateswara Temple, New Jersey


If you are here reading this blog to get to learn about Balaji temple bridgewater then you are quite fortunate that you have chosen the right blog, because, in this blog of ours, we are going to provide you with all the basic information which you need about this temple. 

So, without wasting any time in other discussions let us begin and get started to know about Bridgewater temple.  

Basic information about Balaji Bridgewater temple – 

The location of the temple is in Bridgewater in the state of New Jersey which is located in the United States of America. If you want to visit this temple then you can visit it in all seasons as they all are suitable for visiting this temple. 

In the temple, you can get languages such as Hindi and English, and the timings of the temple are from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM, but if you think that you can click pictures in the temple then we would like to inform you that photography is strictly prohibited in the temple. 

More detailed information about the Balaji Bridgewater temple in New Jersey – 

Sri Venkateswara temple in Bridgewater, New Jersey was built by a group of Indians who have been settled there for quite a long time and Lord Venkateswara is the deity of this temple. 

This temple is visited by many people from all across the world and especially Indians and Hindus, besides offering prayers this temple also provides a hall to arrange Hindu weddings.

After a long fight of five years the battle with the Bridgewater zoning board, the Sri Venkateswara temple has finally won the approval for a major expansion of the facility of the temple despite the resistance from the township and also despite the resistance from the neighboring residents.

In the year 2004, temple officials approached the township looking for approval for a large-scale expansion of their culture center on Route 202, in addition to which housing for priests and a parking garage will also be there with you. 

History of the Bridgewater temple in new jersey – 

In the year 1989, a group of Hindus in the areas which surrounded New Jersey established the Hindu Temple and cultural society of USA Inc. also known as HTCS. 

In the year 1992, the HTCS bought the land in Bridgewater in New Jersey with the expectation and wish to build a traditional stone temple on the land. 

Devotees began and get started to engage in the regularly scheduled spiritual activities as well as worshipping in the building previously which was built on the land purchased, and with this, the planning for a new temple continued. 

In the year 1995, the groundbreaking ceremony of the new temple was carried out and in the year 1996, a stone-laying ceremony was also conducted by Chinna Jeeyar Swami and the temple construction began in accordance with the Vastu Shastra. 

In the year 1998, a consecration ceremony was conducted and the temple was inaugurated and got opened to all the people who want to visit the temple.  

Deities in the Bridgewater temple in New Jersey – 

Now, let us see the deities which you will get to see and worship in this temple when you visit it. There are in total 16 shrines within the temple which include sacred and holy images of – 








Shiva lingam 






Lakshmi Narayan

Radha Krishna 




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