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Dozens of Calgarians gathered for a peaceful demonstration Saturday to denounce what they say is ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Amhara people in Ethiopia.
The group gathered at city hall to be a voice for the Amhara people.
They say several thousand people have been killed and thousands more displaced.
The Amhara people are just being targeted specifically for being Amhara people.
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In Ethiopia, more than seven million people are already short of something to eat, suffering compounded by the war in the north. However, double this number of trucks needs to be moving in every day to meet the vast humanitarian needs in the region.
However serious challenges are threatening the entire humanitarian response in the region.
The three agencies are particularly concerned about the situation in Tigray region where the risk of famine is imminent, unless food, livelihood assistance and other life-saving interventions continue to be scaled-up, unimpeded access is guaranteed, and hostilities cease.
A fourth consecutive year of failed rains is causing the worst drought in the Horn of Africa since 1981.
The adviser said the cost of that inattention was a huge loss of livelihoods, assets and livestock.
The adviser noted, however, that the regional and central governments have recently tried to pull together resources and are trying to address the needs in regions of the country like Somali and Oromia, particularly by rallying donors like the WFP.
Aid agencies in Africa have also complained the crisis in Ukraine is drawing attention and money away from countries on the Arican continent.
The policy adviser added the damage caused by the delayed response is irreversible and it could take years, if it happens at all, for those affected to recover.
In March, the government said it had called a humanitarian cease-fire and would allow aid into the northern region of Tigray, where it is fighting separatist forces.
The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in the north, combined with those likely to be affected by the drought in the south, brings the total to almost 12.