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Text Message Marketing has come a far way in the past few years as it relates to running a business, especially for those looking for a method of communication with their customers. Businesses that wish to grow their revenues in the marketplace use this marketing technique mainly because of how inexpensive it is for them – especially when compared to most other options available to them. StaticKing, Bulk SMS Company Delhi is among the best and most affordable  Bulk SMS Services in Delhi, with business owners who appreciate such services helping them grow their companies in return.


We provide high-quality SMS services to businesses in and around Delhi, India. Our Bulk SMS Service in Delhi helps you to keep your clients or individuals updated on new products and offers! With the growing reach of cell phones across the Indian industry; companies are realizing that SMS is the most effective method of communication and are deploying Bulk SMS solutions to inform their clients of new features, updates and products.


What We Do

 “Promote your business through SMS and make it reach the target audience effectively. StaticKing is a leading Bulk SMS service provider in India and delivers a 100% delivery rate on all its Bulk SMS Services. We offer promotional as well as transactional bulk SMS to our clients which helps them to boost their revenue and also increase brand awareness.”


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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS messaging, also referred to as application-to-person SMS messaging, refers specifically to the sending of large numbers of messages to the mobile phones of large groups or individual recipients.



OTP SMS is a messaging service that works as an authentication system for e-commerce websites. It is developed to enhance the security of transactions over the internet by making them more reliable and secure.


API SMS is a web service that allows you to send text messages easily. It’s based on HTTP or HTTPS and can be integrated into any website, application or device.