Business Areas of Isgec That Makes Isgec a Diverse Heavy Engineering Company

sgec Heavy Engineering Ltd

Isgec is a diversified heavy engineering company operational for the last 90 years. It is a multi-location and multi-product company that has expertise in diverse business areas. The company has strategically moved to joint ventures with various companies across the world to feed the demand and deliver value as expected to its clients.

Isgec reviews on various aspects reveal that the company has delivered the best results in the following business areas:

  1. Process equipment: The company specializes in manufacturing pressure vessels, reactors, boiler drums, manufacturing shell & heat exchangers and columns for pressure plant. It supplies the process equipment globally to around 20 countries. It has in-house capacity for producing thermal and mechanical design of reactors, by using tools like 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis, the designs are created to utmost perfection.
  2. EPC projects: Isgec feedback from the clients that have taken help on EPC projects reveals that the company has expertise in CPP (Captive power plants) and IPP (Independent power plants). The company’s experience comprises executing power plants run on fuels like Coal, Oil & Gas, Waste heat recovery, and MSW based fuels, etc.
  3. Sugar Plants and Distilleries: Sugar plants and distilleries were the first project that the company did and then it diversified into various areas, Isgec reviews It can put to function world class manufacturing abilities. Around 180 sugar/distillery/refinery projects and 720 cane crushing mills developed by Isgec are spread over 49 countries across the globe. It makes this company the top manufacturer of sugar plants and distilleries components.
  4. Steel castings: The company has the capacity to produce steel castings up to 800 MT. Single piece weight range can go up to 50 MT. It is an ISO 9001 company; other approvals include 2008 alloy steel foundry, Lloyds Register, London & DNV approved foundry, and IBR approved foundry. The company has also qualified creep rupture test for 10000 hrs. for creep sheets. It has served sectors like steam, engineering, hydro, pumps, and valves.
  5. Presses: Isgec is involved in manufacturing wide variety of presses. The company has been awarded quality certifications like ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007. The presses accuracies conform to JIS standards and safety is as per CE or OSHA requirements. That is why, the clients happily give positive Isgec feedback and consider it a dependable solution provider in presses. It has served 26 countries so far with 5000+ presses of world class standards and continues to expand the clientele.

The other products and equipment and processes that Isgec has mastery in are boilers, iron castings, air pollution control equipment, liquified gas containers and contract manufacturing.

To conclude, 

Isgec has forayed into a number of business areas that are needed for manufacturing and processing projects used in various sectors. It has been awarded best certifications of quality and safety and has good understanding of the client requirements. The company makes it a point to collect reviews and feedbacks to find out the expectations and to chalk the pathway to move to next level of quality and reliability.