Business Blog: 7 questions to answer before opening one

Business Blog
Business Blog

Do you want to improve your personal or corporate brand by focusing on content marketing? Opening a blog on your e-commerce site can be a good idea to increase conversions and loyalty! Before opening it, however, answer these 7 questions to create a business blog that works!

business mortgage blog can be an opportunity to help potential customers: get to know you, like you, and trust you and your brand.

Through a company blog, you have the opportunity to create a more authoritative figure about yourself your business and support users in choosing the products and services you offer.

Creating a business blog also allows you to improve the positioning of your site or online e-commerce, more easily reach a wider audience of users. 

Although it offers several advantages, before opening a blog for your business on your website or e-shop, you must absolutely set some key points that will help you create a content marketing project that is truly effective and functional to your business.

Before starting a business blog, therefore, answer these seven questions! And then start working on your project to the fullest.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 1. What are your goals and KPIs?
  • 2 2. Who is your target audience?
  • 3 3. What will your tone of voice be?
  • 4 4. What will you talk about?
  • 5 5. How often will your blog posts be published?
  • 6 6. How will you drive traffic to your blog?
  • 7 7. Who will write your blog posts?

What are your goals and KPIs?

The first step you need to take to create a blog that is interesting, functional, ideal for your business is to define what your goals and KPIs are!

Why are you starting a blog? What are the goals you want to achieve over time?

These are really important questions in order to then create targeted content that allows you to hit each set goal.

Among the main KPIs that you can set yourself when opening your blog are:

  1. Improve and strengthen your search engine rankings
  2. Increase newsletter subscribers
  3. Selling your services and products
  4. Increase the brand authority in the sector
  5. Become a reference point for users

These are some of the goals you can define in your project when you choose to create a business blog.

Who is your target audience?

Once the objectives have been defined, as in every project, also for the business blog, you must try to understand: who will be your target audience?

Surely, being a blog related to your business, you should broadly know what the target you want to reach is.

In fact, the target audience or reference public or target audience is essential for a company or a freelancer, as it best defines the segment of interest for the marketing activities that you want to use, including, therefore, the opening of a blog.

If you have not yet defined your target audience, now is the time to do it to be able to create useful content that will be really appreciated by those who are going to read it.

Among the data you need to evaluate in creating your target audience are gender, age, position, profession, marital status, purchasing power, interests.

Once you have segmented the target by evaluating this data, you can start building your business blog in the best possible way.

Remember that you must never try to target your business blog to anyone or an indefinite audience!

If you adopt this strategy, it will be like traveling blindly, without the possibility of measuring performance and results in the best possible way.

Furthermore, if you do not have a well-defined target for your blog, you risk receiving traffic that is not relevant and useful for the pursuit of your objectives, consequently obtaining a lower impact from the point of view of conversions. 

What will your tone of voice be?

What will be the tone of voice of your blog? Defined: objectives and targets you can only think about the tone of voice you want to use for your blog.

The tone of voice must be chosen both on the basis of the target audience and in accordance with the spirit of the brand.

If yours is an ironic and irreverent brand, the tone of voice of your business must also reflect your approach, also because users expect it.

In case you refer to professionals or other companies, then you will need to keep a more professional and competent tone.

The choice of tone of voice must be studied jointly by analyzing your brand and the target you refer to.

Thanks to the right tone of voice, you will have the opportunity to build a higher degree of trust in users, and you can improve conversions and also the loyalty of your customers.

What will you talk about?

In the world of content marketing, it is crucial to create content, text, and in this case, articles for your business blog or corporate blog that are relevant to your target audience.

Relevance and relevance are two key aspects of the blogging world.

But how to understand what to talk about and how to verify that the contents created are relevant.

When it comes to relevance, this is focused on some specific points:

  • On the interests of the target
  • About the problems, you can solve
  • About the goals, you want to achieve

Relevant content made and focused on your target audience defines what topics may interest your target and who has a particular passion or interest.

Choosing topics relevant to your audience and the offer you propose is essential to make the blog credible; for example: if your business deals with the sale of sports shoes, you will hardly be able to create an article that recommends the ten best décolleté for the winter period.

In short, you will have to keep each text on a precise focus to be able to interest and not mislead or make your target audience doubtful.

Relevant content built around your goals is another type of article to consider for your blog.

I’ll give you an example if one of your focuses is to exploit content to also be able to create a better positioning of the site on search engines, you will also have to study the SEO side, which are the topics related to your niche most sought after and typed by users.

In this way, you will be able to create content that is both relevant to the target and the objectives you want to achieve.

Finally, relevant content is content that focuses on solving a problem.

Whatever product or service you sell, you are sure to be able to provide a service that can satisfy the need or problem of someone who is a private or business user.

The relevance of the contents is important in order to propose relevant and interesting topics for your audience and make your blog a real business tool.

How often will your blog posts be published?

Choosing how often to publish your blog posts is important to be able to create an editorial plan that is respected and that allows you to make the most of this tool for your brand.

To understand how often to publish your posts, you can follow some tips!

Publishing more content is better than publishing less.

Typically the more articles you write, the more opportunities you have to capture large traffic.

Some research has shown that companies that write at least one piece of content a week are able to achieve more conversions and better results in terms of positioning than those who write content occasionally and without a precise editorial plan.

Also, from an SEO perspective, the more you post, the more opportunities you have to rank your articles for certain keywords.

2. Quality over quantity

While it is true that ensuring a good number of monthly articles increases the chances of generating traffic, it is also true that it is important that these are quality content.

Every written content must be relevant, complete, relevant, engaging, and able to positively affect your image and business.

If a piece of content is poorly written, irrelevant, or interesting, it could negatively impact your profession and brand.

3. Publish based on what works best for your target audience

By monitoring the results that your blog articles reach, you can schedule the release of each content by focusing on the days and times that allow you to reach a wider audience.

So, before starting your business blog, try to make an editorial plan that also includes the frequency of publication of the articles in order to have a plan to follow carefully and precisely and not to let the project fall into oblivion.

How will you drive traffic to your blog?

Now that you have the editorial plan ready, you know the tone of voice you want to use, you know how many articles you want to publish per month, you also need to understand how to drive user traffic to your blog.

Online you have many possibilities to be able to intercept user traffic to your website; among the main strategies you can adopt are:

  • SEO strategy: if you want to drive more traffic to your business blog, you need to adopt an SEO strategy that helps you to position your content for the keywords and phrases typed by your users on search engines like Google, thus attracting more organic traffic.
  • Social media: a very important means to be able to attract interested users is constituted by profiles on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, but also Instagram, etc … can help you increase user traffic and, above all, interest your target audience, generating shares and comments, consequently also increasing the value of the written content.
  • Captivating headlines: Blog posts must have a title that grabs the attention of users browsing online or on social media. The title is the most important tool you have to attract readers; just remember to always create one that really reflects the content. No clickbait titles!
  • Promote posts with your mailing list: finally, among the different possibilities you have to be able to spread your content, there is certainly also your mailing list. In fact, through email marketing, you have a better chance of bringing to the site users who already know your brand and who, through good content marketing, you can retain or bring back to make a purchase or request a new service.

Who will write your blog posts?

Finally, you need to consider: who will write your business blog posts? As mentioned before, it is important to create quality content relevant, from an SEO perspective, on a precise monthly basis.

This means following the project with certain professionalism.

If you have all the necessary skills and especially the time to write blog posts, you could choose to be the author of the articles yourself.

The problem of focusing on yourself and that often work, or personal dynamics can occur that could lead you not to publish consistently, perhaps abandoning the project over time because you are unable to follow it.

If you can’t write them yourself, the best solution is to entrust your business blog to an expert in the sector.

By relying on a web content editor, you can be sure of: always creating relevant content, having a precise editorial plan, and always following with care and attention, you will be able to create a project that brings real results to your business in terms of loyalty and conversion.

Choosing to give this job to a web content editor, therefore, could be the best solution to create a project that is really followed over time!

Did you answer all the questions correctly? Were you able to outline an optimal project? Then you just have to start writing or have your first articles written and make the most of this tool for your business!