Business Opportunities in Dubai


Are you looking for business opportunities in Dubai,? There are countless options in Dubai. From Entrepreneurship to Logistics, Food production to Beauty salons, there’s something for everyone in this city. If you’re not sure what your ideal business is, check out the list below. This article provides the most important facts about each business opportunity in Dubai. You’ll find the perfect opportunity for you! Read on to find out how to get started!


When considering starting a business, a Dubai entrepreneur should consider the various types of retail establishments available. These may include a storefront, warehouse, or a sales office. Although the e-commerce industry is not as developed in the MENA region as it is in industrialized countries, there is still room for growth. It is expected that by early 2020, more sales will be conducted online than in traditional stores, so the entrepreneur can take advantage of this sudden surge in business.


The UAE has excellent infrastructure and is a hub for international trade and re-export. Its logistics sector has advanced and modern facilities, and the UAE continues to develop its economy. Logistics companies in the UAE should focus on improving their setup, systems, and processes. This country also offers favorable tax conditions, making it a great place to start a business. But how can a new logistics company start operating in the UAE?

Food production

Due to high population growth and rising per capita income, the UAE has seen a surge in demand for various food and drink products. These include halal meat, organic foods, and fresh coffee. A few years ago, major wholesalers were looking to enter the market by launching new brands. Today, however, they are focusing on building brand equity in existing products. Food production in the UAE offers an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the increasing demand.

Beauty salons

Besides providing cosmetic services, the establishment of a beauty salon can be a lucrative business. In today’s society, a stylish appearance and a neat haircut have become indispensable. That is why many investors are realizing the potential of beauty salons. This type of business is highly profitable, and is in high demand. However, it is important to select the right staff and the right location carefully. Here are some of the tips to start a successful beauty salon.


In the UAE, aquaculture is a top priority as the country faces a severe food security crisis and has the potential to produce high-quality fresh seafood. FDI norms are 100 per cent for this industry, and Dubai has world-class seaports and airports. The city’s growing population provides a good environment for small businesses, who can fill this gap with their own fish farms. But where can these small businesses find the right location for their businesses?

Advertising / digital media

If you have experience in marketing, advertising, or digital media, you may be interested in expanding your business in Dubai. The UAE has one of the highest Internet usage rates in the entire MENA region, and a significant portion of its population is expatriate. In addition to a high Internet usage rate, Dubai has an excellent need for localised online marketing services. As a result, you can start your own advertising / digital media agency by gaining a trade license and marketing know-how.

Import & export 

The United Arab Emirates is a major global trade hub and the city is home to some of the world’s most iconic brands. Due to its world-class infrastructure and business professionalism, Dubai is the natural choice for businesses looking to export their products to different parts of the world. The per capita income of the UAE is US$66,300, and more than 47% of households earn over US$100,000 per year. Consumer spending is expected to rise in various industries including healthcare, communications, and hotels and restaurants.